The best editing is the kind a reader doesn't notice.

You haven't done your job as a storyteller if typos, homonym errors, and the improper use of apostrophes keep pulling readers out of your book.

Hi, I'm Yesenia.

It's my job as a copyeditor and proofreader to help you present the best version of your book to the world.

I'll eliminate the mistakes you missed from your manuscript and show you how things like sentence structure and paragraph length make all the difference in keeping readers immersed in your world.

Whether it's your fiction, nonfiction, novella, or short story, let's work together to make your writing shine.  

Your first step is deciding what level of editing your book needs.

If you've made revisions or worked with another editor on story structure, character arcs, and other big picture items, then it's time for the polish before hitting publish.

Does your story need a copyedit or proofread?

A copyedit takes care of the following:

  • sentence clarity and structure
  • inconsistencies
  • word choice
  • redundancies
  • word repetition
  • homonym errors
  • typos
  • misspelled words
  • grammatical errors

A proofread takes care of the following:

  • typos
  • misspelled words
  • grammatical errors

If you're ready to get in touch (perhaps one of my awesome clients referred you), you can reach me at I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

If you'd like to learn more first, let's talk about why you should hire me in the first place.

What Sets Me Apart?

Lots of things :)

Very Reasonable (And Flexible) Rates

I don't charge ridiculous prices. My rates are very reasonable, and I can work with you if you're on a budget. Check out my rates here.

High Quality Work

I know what I'm doing. You can rest assured that my work is top-notch. I use the Chicago Manual of Style (the industry standard) to make your manuscript the best that it can be before you share it with the world.


I have years of experience working with various kinds of writing for grammatical and spelling errors. I can help you craft better flowing sentences so that your words disappear and your story comes alive. Or if you're a nonfiction writer, so that you can clearly share your message with the world.

Awesome References

Don't just take my word for it.  My clients can assure you of the high quality of my work. They also tend to say I'm a pretty snazzy person. Just check out the testimonials.

I Meet My Deadlines

Enough said.

I'm a Writer Too

I know how much you love spinning stories and how hard you work so to get your books published and read. I also understand how difficult it is to send your precious words to someone else to tear apart.

In other words, I've had your same needs.

So not only will I point out where your work can get better, but I'll also tell you where you're doing things right. You'll get honest, constructive feedback that you can also use to get become a better writer, faster.

I Know What I'm Doing

I've always had a knack for finding typos and spelling/grammar errors. I was that person you went to in high school and college to fix the typos and misspelled words in your English paper before you turned it in.

I got into freelance editing after helping a writer friend find and fix grammar mistakes in her first book for free just because. She asked me why I wasn't charging people for this. The rest is history. 

Since then, I've edited over twenty books, including a NYT and USA Today bestselling novel.

I graduated with honors from the University of Georgia, a nationally acclaimed university, with a bachelor's degree in Middle School Education (another passion of mine). My specialties are Language Arts and Social Studies. After that, I was a middle school teacher for three years at a dual immersion school. 

I also speak, read, and write in Spanish, in case your manuscript contains Spanish.


Just in case you're new at this, let's go through what a copyedit is and what it includes. Also, why does your book or other written work need one, and how much does it cost?

What is a copyedit?

A copyedit takes care of typos, grammar issues and spelling mistakes as well as repetitive or redundant words. For example, you might not have noticed you've used the word "just" or "suddenly" five times in the last two pages. I'll suggest other words you can use.

A copyedit also helps with choppy or paragraph-long sentences that make your readers read them three times before they get what you're trying to say. I'll beak up or combine sentences to help with the flow of your story.

I'll also break up paragraphs in the appropriate places to help with pace. For example, if you've written an action scene, you don't want insanely long paragraphs. You want short ones, even single-sentence paragraphs, to communicate how quickly the story is moving.

I'll point out and fix where you've suddenly switched point of view (POV) from one character to another in the same scene, which can jar the most absorbed reader from your story.

Finally, I'll catch inconsistencies and things that don't make sense. Maybe you have a character say she's fifteen years old in the beginning of the book, and she's seventeen two scenes later. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

Why does my book need one?

Because little things like pace, POV, and using the right word allow the reader to dive into the story uninterrupted. Plus, a copyedit of your book covers typos, spelling, and grammar as well.

You want to make your story the best it can be so the words disappear, and the story comes alive in your reader's imagination.

Can you give me a quick summary of what's included in a copyedit?

Here's a list of what's included:

  • sentence clarity and structure
  • inconsistencies
  • word choice
  • redundancies
  • word repetition
  • homonym errors
  • typos
  • misspelled words
  • grammatical errors

What's the turnaround time?

Depending on my schedule and the length of your work, about 2-3 weeks. Email me to get the specifics.

How much does a copyedit cost?

Copyediting costs $2 per 250 words. If you would like an estimate, simply divide your total word count by 250 and multiply by 2. Round down to the nearest dollar.

Still not convinced?

I'm happy to give you a free five-page sample edit so you can see if we're a good fit. Just shoot me an email at

Not sure if you need a copyedit?

Send me a five-page sample of your work at, and I'll give you honest feedback on what kind of edit is best for your manuscript. No charge.

Ready to take your work to the next level? Submit here!


Let’s go through what a proofread is and what it includes. Also, why does your book or other written work need one, and how much does it cost?

What is a proofread? And why does your written work need one?

A proofread is a last run-through of your book or short work. It wrangles up any last typos, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors. Basically, the embarrassing stuff you don't want readers to find!

You might think that you can just use your word processor's spellcheck, but the problem is that spellcheck doesn't always catch mistakes. For example, I've seen "an" used instead of "and." No way spell check will understand that you meant "and."

Also, spellcheck can just be wonky in general. It sometimes "corrects" grammar things that aren't wrong and doesn't correct grammar things that are wrong.

A copyedit also covers things like using quotation marks correctly as well as comma splices and other punctuation misuses.

That's why you need an experienced proofreader to catch these things for you.

Why not just save yourself the money and do it yourself?

First, proofreading is generally the least expensive type of edit, and after writing and revising all those words (for months or years), you won't catch nearly all the typos and spelling and grammar errors. And that's assuming you have an awesome understanding of grammar and spelling in the first place.

If you get any kind of edit for your book or other work of writing, it should be a proofread. 

What does a proofread include? 

Here's what a proofread includes:

  • typos
  • misspelled words
  • grammatical errors
  • punctuation

It's the shiny polish your book needs before you hit publish.

What's the turnaround time?

Generally, about 1-2 weeks, depending on my schedule and the length of your work. Email me to get the specifics.

How much does a copyedit cost?

Proofreading costs $1 per 250 words. If you would like an estimate, simply divide your total word count by 250 and multiply by 2. Round down to the nearest dollar.

Still not convinced?

I'm happy to give you a free five-page sample edit so you can see if we're a good fit. Just shoot me an email at

Not sure if you need a proofread?

Like I mentioned above, a proofread is the minimum edit any written work needs to have before you hit publish. You won't be able to do a good one yourself. Your eyes naturally skip over errors after staring at that manuscript for ages, writing and revising endlessly.

Ready to give your book the shiny polish it needs? Get in touch today, and schedule a proofread for your book or written work.


(You do your homework. I like that.) 

Wondering what previous clients have to say about the quality of my work or what it's like work with me as a person?

Working with Yesenia has been a dream. I contacted her to ask about proofreading services, and she spoke with me to make sure I was getting the right service for my story. She performed her work skillfully and on time! (That’s really a special trait in an editor.) What I liked most about working with Yesenia was that she wasn’t just an editor—she was a supporter. I felt like she cared about getting the best version of my work out into the world just as much as I did. I’m definitely planning to work with her on future projects and would recommend her services to anyone else.
— Kelsie Stelting, author of the Texas Sun series, Always Anika, and Raising the West

Find Kelsie at

Yesenia is my #1 choice for editing because I know I can rely on her. She responds to my emails in a timely manner. Plus, The work she delivers is always high quality and professional. If you want the job done right and on time, I would highly recommend her.
— Sandra Leon, YouTuber, blogger, and author

Find Sandra at

Yesenia Vargas is amazing to work with. She has edited four of my novels, and I have every intention of using her, if she is available, for ALL of my future work. As a new author, her consideration for my apprehension at turning my work over to someone really sold me on her. I started with a ten-page sample. When I received it back, I knew I had to work with her.

Over this process, I have also come to consider Yesenia a friend. She absolutely had the best interest in my voice and my work. I have sought her advice on many aspects when it comes to self publishing. She is patient, kind, funny, driven and just a wonderful person to work with. I would recommend her to any author seeking editing services.
— Carey Heywood, Amazon, NYT, and USA Today bestselling romance author

Find Carey at

The work [Yesenia] did on my manuscript is fantastic—all I was expecting was copyediting, in the sense that I figured [she]’d pick up on grammatical and spelling errors. I got that, but [she was] also able to clarify my writing; the work flows better now. It seems to “pop.”

By the time I sent my manuscript off to be edited, I’d read and re-read it so many times I was beginning to doubt myself. I wondered if it would be worth publishing. When I got it back and saw how polished it looked thanks to [Yesenia’s] editing, that apprehension evaporated.

But the thing I can’t get over is how clear everything seems now. Little things like comma placement or breaking up long sentences into smaller ones make a huge difference, and it’s not something I would have been able to do myself. [Writers] need an outside—and experienced—eye to pick it up. [Yesenia’s] done a great job, and I’m very thankful for it!
— James Parsons, author of The Astrologers
Yesenia Vargas is an amazing proofreader. She couldn’t have impressed me more and is especially skilled with correct comma placement. She caught some very glaring typos my editor overlooked and saved me much embarrassment. Yesenia will only improve your work and is a pleasure to work with. She’s proofread three of my books, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her for any of my projects going forward.
— L.E. Waters, author of the Infinite Series

Find Lauren at

I hired Yesenia for my debut collection of short stories, Bombay Bhel. Her proofreading service was very thorough and reasonably priced. She also gave me valuable feedback on the overall tone and content of the book. She responded promptly to inquiries and finished the edits ahead of schedule. I highly recommend her services.
— Ken Doyle, author of Bombay Bhel

Find Kenneth at his website.

When I began my search for a copyeditor I decided to ask other published authors who they would recommend. I had several authors suggest their editors, and I found a few online. I decided to narrow my options down to three based on their testimonials, pricing options, and professionalism.

In the few short emails I shared with Yesenia, I knew she would be a perfect match for my editing needs. After my ten-page sample edit, I knew I had made the right choice.

Yesenia met her editing deadline and went above and beyond her editing services. I felt comfortable talking with her about the progress of the manuscript, and she explained things to me in a way that was constructive and professional. I cannot wait to work with Yesenia again on my next project, and I am so thankful I found my perfect match the first time around.
— Kendra Ayers, writer and blogger

Find Kendra at

I want to give Yesenia a big thank you. No doubt, she did a really a GREAT JOB editing my book on a tight deadline. It involved technical and financial information & analysis, but it wasn’t a problem for Yesenia to double-check my research and ask competent & important questions, which helped me to improve my book. The edits she made were perfect. I hope to work with her again in the future!
— Alan T. Norman

Find Alan 's work on Amazon.

 I’m so lucky to have found Yesenia to work with. She is amazing at what she does, not only helping with what I expect, but going above and beyond to make my books shine brighter. She’s friendly, willing to answer any questions I have, and a pleasure to communicate with. What’s more, she’s extremely affordable. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a good editor. I personally look forward to working with her again in the future.
— Janeal Falor, Amazon bestselling author of the Mine series


Here's a breakdown of my editing rates.


(What a copyedit includes, with examples, and why your written work needs one)

Fiction: $2/250 words  

Non-Fiction: $2/250 words

(Get a quick estimate by dividing your word count total by 250. Then multiply by 2.)


(What a proofread includes, with examples, and why your written work needs one)

Fiction Books: $1/250 words 

Non-Fiction Books: $1/250 words

Essay: $3 per page

Blog Post: $7 (up to 1,500 words)

(Get a quick estimate by dividing your word count total by 250. Then multiply by 1.)

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Submission Guidelines

Please send manuscripts and documents in a .doc or .docx format and size 12 Times New Roman or Arial font. Page numbers are also helpful. I use Microsoft Word's Track Changes.

If you're not sure how to use this feature, here's a quick tutorial. I love Track Changes because you can see exactly what changes I've made and you decide to accept or reject them.

Once I receive your manuscript, I'll calculate the word count using Word and give you the appropriate price for the service you are requesting.

From there, I'll require half of the full payment upfront. I'll begin editing your work as soon as you send the first payment. I'll send you an invoice for the second payment after the edited manuscript is back in your inbox.

Once I send the manuscript back to you, you can choose to accept or deny any changes I make to your manuscript. Only you will decide upon and see final edits.

Payment Method

I prefer to use PayPal. It's quick and secure. You don't have to have an account. Just a credit or debit card. I'm happy to walk you through it if you need help.

If you think this method won't work for you, just let me know, and we'll talk. I'm pretty flexible.

Ready to submit?

Please email your manuscript as a .doc or .docx attachment to I look forward to hearing from you! I know it'll be the start of an awesome partnership.


Other Questions You Might Have

Why do you define 250 words as a page?

Many people use 250 words to define a page. I prefer it to simply looking at the number of pages in a given manuscript because I believe it is the fairest method of defining a page. It you're not taken advantage of if your manuscript has a lot of dialogue or small paragraphs. It also means I'm not taken advantage of if you wrote your entire novel as one huge paragraph. It's just fair. 

What genres do you accept?

I edit new adult romance and YA the most, but I also have experience with fantasy, historical fantasy, horror, science fiction, and literary fiction. I'm open to editing thrillers as well because I'm an avid reader of those genres so I'm well capacitated to edit them. I tend to be pretty flexible when it comes to genre, but I'll let you know if I don't feel comfortable with a particular one.

What's your turnaround time?

It depends on the number of manuscripts I have on my schedule at the moment. Generally, the actual edit takes anywhere from 7 days to 2-4 weeks, depending on what kind of edit your work needs and its length. If my schedule is full, then it might be longer than that. I'll give you a specific timeline when I see your manuscript and my current schedule.

Do you offer sample edits of your work?

Of course, email me at for a free five-page sample edit. If you think we're a good match, great. If not, no questions asked. 

How can I contact you to get more details or ask you something?

I'd be thrilled to answer any questions you have. Just email me at I'll get back to you within 24 hours.