8 Twitter Hashtags to Get And Keep You Writing

Writing can get lonely. Sometimes, you need a pat on the back to help you feel better about the tiny amount of progress you've made in the last two hours. Other times, you need a kick in the rear end to get you to open your writing program in the first place.

Or maybe you want to find other writers to cheer on or compete with.

Either way, here are six awesome Twitter hashtags for these kinds of situations. I'll see you there!

1.#wordmongering: Write for 30 minutes. Rest for 30 minutes. Just jump in at the start of the hour. It's a competition since word counts are compared at the end,  but any word count is considered awesome. The creators of this neat hashtag are @MonicaMarieV and @NotVeryAlice. Monica based the concept on FlyLady's idea that you can do anything for 15 miknutes. The only rule is no negativity allowed. This hashtag is definitely one to participate in. There's an awesome, encouraging community geared around it. Visit the website or tweet to one of the creators for more info. This one's definitely a favorite.



2. #editmongering: The same creators of #wordmongering came up with this hashtag. It's the same awesome community but with editing and revision. Just check it out, and you'll immediately find writers to connect with. The concept is very similar as well, although details on the process are also shared. Here's the description from the website.

"Sessions begin at half past the hour, every hour, and last for half an hour. During a session, your job is to edit as many words as you possibly can. Wordcounts are compared at the end of sessions."

Definitely a hashtag to keep up with when facing a long edit.



3. #amwriting: This one is used to share what you’re working on and the issues you’re having as well as what stage you’re at and your word counts. Oh, and awesome quotes. It's also increasingly used to share helpful writing links. Pretty inspiring to see how productive others are when you're not feeling it so much yourself.


4. #amediting: Similar to #3, this hashtag is used to share advice, give details on your editing and revising, vent your frustrations, and share progress.


5. #wip: Stands for work in progress. It's used to hare your progress on whatever you're working on and/or word counts. Writers talk what it's about how it’s going.


6. #1k1h: This one's a challenge to write one thousand words in one hour. Pretty lofty goal but completely doable. It's fun to compete with others and see who gets the higher word count. Great for those of us who are competitive, although any word count is praised upon. These tend to start at the top of the hour.


7. #writetip: If you're stuck and need advice or if you found an awesome article you want to share, this is the hashtag to use. It's mostly used to share or find writing links, but there are a few tips by themselves too. Like this one.


8. #wordcount: This hashtag is mostly used to share word count achievements. It's great for staying accountable and share milestones. Or for bragging a bit after a particularly high word count. It's pretty easy to be inspired by others’ word counts. Makes you want to start writing.


You'll notice that oftentimes a couple of these hashtags are used together. That's perfectly fine and useful for participating in multiple writing communities at once. Adding to these conversations is sure to inspire you and help you gain followers in an authentic and engaging way. Oh, and you're sure to make progress on that WIP. If you're not on Twitter yet, you're missing out.

What are your favorite writing hashtags?