In today's video, I’m giving you an inside look at how I plan my day and get so much done. 

My general daily routine has changed a bit over the years as I've been a college student, been a teacher, and gone from one kid to two, but one important thing has remained the same for a few years now (one thing that has been crucial in me writing and publishing 8 books).

Also, for the past few months, I’ve settled into a new system that works pretty well for me (no burnout in sight!). 

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Today’s video will give you some tips on how to be productive when you still have parenting, other work, and household responsibilities to fit into your day. 

I'll take you from the beginning of my day, starting with my morning routine, what I do first thing when that's done, managing household and mom duties, plus getting some down time before getting into bed. 

My Creative Mom Planner plays a huge role in helping me balance it all, stay on track, and keep focused. Check out the daily blocks I use in the video and see if they might work for you!

What are you struggling with when it comes to getting more writing done?