The #1 Marketing Strategy for Writers with a Day Job, Kids, Etc

A little something special today :) The extremely helpful Catherine of Catherine, Caffeinated has so graciously answered one of my burning self-pub questions for her #selfprintedsplash. Be sure to check out the hashtag on Twitter as well as her blog for more answers to self-publishing questions. Also, check out her book, Self-Printed, which has tons of amazing tips!  Question: What would you say are some good marketing strategies for someone with a full-time job and children and not much time to even write? So things that will give you the most bang for your buck? I keep hearing the big thing is writing the next book (and I completely agree, and it's my biggest "marketing strategy"), but what do you think about actual marketing?  Thanks!

Answer: Good question. Yes: get going on writing that next book. But I know what you mean by the most bang for your buck, and I think that might be blogging. My blog is really the core of my presence, and you may have noticed that I really only post about once a month now (I used to post 3-5 times a week! I can't even imagine that now, but this is 5 years in) - but I make it count whenever I do. And so much comes out of that blog post. It attracts eyeballs from everywhere (other people share the link, share it on their blog, e-mail it to friends, etc.) and I have my blog set up to a tweet is automatically posted to it. Whenever someone new lands on my blog, think about what they get: an introduction to me, news of my books, encourage to sign up for my newsletter, etc. They also get an archive of material they can get lost in. Plus they might hang around to catch the next one, and so become part of my online platform. 
So if you're tight on time but you still want to do something effective, I would say: BLOG!
Thanks again, Catherine!