One Time-Saving Way To Manage Your Writer Blog (Plus A Cool Announcement)

writer blog, author blog, blogging for writers, writing blog schedule, blog schedule, author platform As a writer, you’re supposed to keep up a writer blog. You’re supposed to market your book before you’re even done writing it. You’ve got to build a platform. You often struggle to find to time to do all of these things and also write.

Keeping a writer blog updated is probably one of the biggest challenges to the modern writer. You can spend fifteen minutes a day on social media and be effective in that area, but a blog takes more time.

You have to find a topic to blog about, write the post, edit it, and find a picture (that’s okay to use, of course). Once it’s published, you have to make the world aware of it by tweeting, posting, etc.

You probably do all of this the day or two before, scrambling to have something up before your blog withers and dies, taking its handful of readers with it. When you do, I bet a lot of your sacred writing time goes down the drain, huh?

If you could figure out a way to spend less time on your writer blog while not compromising the quality or quantity of your posts, you would have more time to write. You’d be able to write more consistently instead of off and on.

This method of managing your writer blog will help you with that.

Do you also struggle to find interesting things to blog about? Are you trying to find the delicate balance between blogging for writers and readers?

This method will help you do that, too.

I’m talking about a monthly blog-posting schedule.

But I can’t take credit for this brilliant idea. I came across this scheduling idea at Allie B’s blog (@alliebbooks). Her blog is awesome, and you should check it out regardless. But last week, she wrote a blog post introducing her new posting schedule, and I immediately realized this was genius.

Instead of wondering what you’re going to blog about each week the day or two before a post is supposed to go up, you can plan out the entire month’s posts in minutes. Then you can outline and write them way before their publishing dates so you’re not scrambling like always.

Best of all, using a monthly schedule allows you to address different audiences if you have them.

Now here’s a real example and the cool announcement I was talking about. Here’s my new monthly posting schedule.

New Monthly Posting Schedule For This Blog

Week 1 Wednesday: Writing, Productivity, and Author Platform Tips

Week 1 Friday: Friday Features

Week 2 Wednesday: Interviews and Reviews For Writers

Week 2 Friday: Friday Features

Week 3 Wednesday: Authentic Mexican Recipes, Favorite Latino Literature, Music, TV, Actors/Actresses, Latino Issues, Spanish Language Lessons, etc.

Week 3 Friday: Friday Features

Week 4 Wednesday: WIP Update and Excerpt

Week 4 Friday: Friday Features

Week 5 Wednesday (if there is one): Week 1 or 2 Topic

I want to start building a reader base now even though I’m not published yet. I’m setting aside a week each month for WIP excerpts & updates or free short stories. I’m also going to start a cool new feature called Reviews For Writers, in which I review novels or nonfiction books from a writing perspective.

Of course, if I find that something’s not working out as well as I had hoped or if I have new topics, I can always change this schedule.

Feel free to do the same. You can change your schedule at any time depending on what kind of posts readers like the most and what you enjoy blogging about.

(By the way, are there any topics you'd like to see addressed here?)

And remember: it’s never too early to start marketing your book. Does your blog reflect that?

Do you have monthly (or weekly) posting schedule for your writer blog? If you don’t, how do you think one could help you? If you do, how has it helped?