How to Move Your Author Business Forward Every Single Day, No Matter How Crazy Your Schedule Is

In today's video, how I've managed to publish several books since 2014. I may not be nearly as prolific as those book-a-month writers, but I've also been in college, been a student teacher, had a baby, been a teacher, gotten married, bought a house and moved, had another kid, become a freelance editor, and so much more. 

Find out the system I use to keep moving forward every single day, even when all I have is a few minutes (and especially when I only have a few minutes). 

how to move author business forward blog post imag.jpg

Other things I talk about:

  • how to create a daily to-do list you'll actually complete
  • how to decide what to focus on (so you don't waste your time)
  • what not to focus on (the time-wasters)
  • what I do when life gets REALLY crazy
  • how I find time to write, market, and do other business things even when you have a day job, kids to take care of, etc
  • how to keep track of your to-dos