Monday Must-Reads [9/2/13]

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Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Writing By Time Might Work For You | Fantasy Scroll

Get the Most From Your Writing Group | The Coconut Chronicles

Writer Unboxed » Two Pages a Day

How to Make More Time for Creative Writing } Writing Forward

The Writers Alley: Protein Boost Fruit Smoothie Recipe!

The Writers Alley: Dinner's in the Freezer...Some Freezer Friendly Recipes

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Writer Unboxed » Is Advice a Vice?

Writability: How to Make the Most of Your Chapter Endings

Life Feeds Your Words | Goins, Writer

The Secret To Creating Story Structure | Write to Done

No Words on the Page, But I'm Still Writing

The Other Side of the Story: Guest Author Bonnie Randall: Dancing Out of Tune: Writing Scenes Out of Sequence to Enliven—and Maybe Even Finish—Your Novel

Daddy, Where Do Books Come From? : Garrett Robinson

Author, Jody Hedlund: Top Two Pieces of Writing Advice

Writability: How to Write Effective Endings

Revision & Editing Tips

10 Ways to Fake a Professional Edit | The Creative Penn

Curse of the Friendly Beta Reader

Author Platform Tips

The Ultimate Social Media Size Cheat Sheet Infographic | CloudTactix

The Writing Desk: Building your author platform #7 YouTube

Why writers should blog. No, really. | Belinda Williams

We Grow Media – Dan Blank » Life Is More Than A Series Of Tweets. On Taking A Break From Your “Platform.”

25 + Tools we use to run 30 Day Books / The Write Life Magazine | 30 Day Books

Happy Authors Don't Do These Things! - Rachelle Gardner

The Art of Writing Great Google+ Posts | Copyblogger

Book Marketing Tips

Indie Author Dianne Greenlay Shares Wattpad Success Story | Self-Publishing Advice

How Do Writers Find Reviewers?

Why you should run a Goodreads contest

Passive Marketing: 9 Powerful No-Cost Ways To Help Boost Book Sales |

What NOT to Post When Marketing Your Book - 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Guest Post from Nikki N. Robinson: Less is More–Cut Back on the Free Promotions for Better Results | Wise, Ink.

Book Marketing: The Long Term Launch | The Creative Penn

5 Steps for Restarting Your Book Marketing Efforts After a Break — Self Publishing Team

Exactly how one author sells 70-75 books a day. | 30 Day Books

Publishing News & Tips

How I Do It. Top Tips From Top Indie Authors. Hugh Howey. | Self-Publishing Advice

Why I’ve Chosen Self-Publishing, Or As I Prefer, “Team-Publishing” | The Conversationalist

List your book on the Book Depository | Aishah Macgill ~ SELF PUBLISHING EXPERT ~

Six Things You Should Be Including in Your EBook (and Probably Aren’t) by David Kudler — The Book Designer

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: My, That's a Beautiful Backpack, Ch 4.1 How to Market Without Feeling Like a Slimeball

The Other Side of the Story: Marky Marketing: Promoting Your Book

Anne R. Allen's Blog: Anthologies are Hot: How to Tell a Great Opportunity from a Pay-to-Play Scam

New Author Series: Novellas vs. Novels, How to Finish Your First Novel, and Pricing | Lindsay Buroker

The Series Matter — do they help an author sell more books? | Novel Girl

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: Ch 4.2 Creating Covers That Sell

The Business Rusch: A Career Versus Publication « Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Work is the Work. The Path is the Path. | Hugh Howey

Lelivro and the Small Pond : Garrett Robinson

Writing and Taxes | Mystery Writing is Murder

Nick's Writing Blog: Create a Single Global Link for All Your Amazon Titles with A-FWD

Choosing The Right Distributor: Smashwords vs Draft2Digital | David Gaughran

Kobo Writing Life: Publish Your eBook with Ease