Monday Must-Reads (6/3/13)

Welcome to this week's edition of Monday Must-Reads! You'll notice a few extra tips in some of the categories. They were just too good not to include on this list. As always, hope you enjoy and share. And keep writing :)

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

25 Signs You're Addicted To Books - BuzzFeed Mobile

5 Reasons I Switched to Scrivener for All My Writing | Michael Hyatt

10 Reasons Not to Be A Writer | Booktrust

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: On Accountability

Could This Food Be Stopping You From Having Energy and Focus? | InkyBites

Writability: Why I Keep Track of My Word Count Progress

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Writers have reasons to get serious about sex scenes | Chris Kridler | Sky Diary Productions

How to Format Internal Dialogue - Marcy Kennedy

How to Craft a Successful Title for Your Book

The Other Side of the Story: The Difference Between Idea, Premise, and Plot

How Long Should a Scene Be? | The Write Practice

Author, Jody Hedlund: First or Third Person: Which Point of View Is Best?

Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors: What if Your Antagonist Isn’t a Person?

Revision & Editing Tips

Getting the Best out of Your Beta Readers - @PenandMuse

5 Ways to Find the Right Freelance Book Editor by Stacy Ennis

Writer Unboxed » How to Serve and Swallow Criticism

Author Platform Tips

When Platform-Building Bites Back | Mystery Writing is Murder

6 Reasons Google+ Beats Facebook for Author Platform Building

How to Write An Author Newsletter | Author Media

The Celebrity Editor: Pinterest for writers

The Writing Desk: Building Your Author Platform #3: Amazon Author Pages

Book Marketing Tips

Ebook Pricing Strategies: Pulsing and Pacing | WG2E

New Author Series: How Do You Build a Fan Base, Anyway? | Lindsay Buroker

Unique Book Marketing for Only $5 | Fiction Notes

Book Marketing Tips For Fiction And Non-Fiction Authors | The Creative Penn

Ellis Shuman Writes: How My Book Became an Amazon Bestseller (for 3 Days)

Publishing News & Tips

Author-Entrepreneur: 10 Tips For Transitioning To Full-Time In The Job You Love | The Creative Penn

Understanding Amazon Rankings -- Debunking the Myths • Ryan Casey

Amazon’s New SciFi, Fantasy, and Romance Subcategories | WG2E

Anne R. Allen's Blog: Short is the New Long: 10 Reasons Why Short Stories are Hot

When You Should and Shouldn't Use a Pen Name - @PenandMuse

Donald J. Bingle's Blog - Telling People at Work You Are a Writer - October 29, 2011 15:40