Monday Must-Reads [2/24/14]

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Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Die Empty. Managing Your Creative Rhythm With Todd Henry | The Creative Penn

Writing With a Day Job | Nathan Bransford, Author

Friday Five x2: Guest lists by Nyrae Dawn and Stephanie Campbell | ALLIE B BOOKS

For the love of reading: A book for every occasion | ALLIE B BOOKS

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Fiction Writing Prompts for Every Genre

Writability: How to Determine Your WIP's Genre

Let Me Be Your Muse

Assessing Pros and Cons of Outlining | Elizabeth Spann Craig

Fiction University (The Other Side of the Story): How to Craft a Love Scene

The Writers Alley: Exposition: What Is It? What To Do With It?

The Terribleminds Holy Mother Of God Lordy Lordy Hallelujah Guide To Creating Super Ultra Awesomepants Supporting Characters « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Fiction University (The Other Side of the Story): Are You Missing Opportunities to Make Your Writing Stronger?

A Protagonist’s Moment of Realisation

Become A Successful Writer Despite Your Friends And Family | Write to Done

Ask Questions to Find Your Story | Elizabeth Spann Craig

Anne R. Allen's Blog: From Pathetic to Professional: 8 Ways to Beat the First Draft Blues

Revision & Editing Tips

Quick Tips To Help You Tighten Up Your Writing | Catherine, Caffeinated

The Poor, Misunderstood Semicolon

Author Platform Tips

3 Amazon Tips for New Authors (and maybe old ones too) | Lindsay Buroker

5 Ways to Build a Powerful Email Newsletter List | Goins, Writer

Book Marketing Tips

The Power of Enthusiasm: Should You Create a “Street Team”?

The Business Rusch: Social Media (Discoverability Part 10) « Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Publishing News & Tips

How I Sold 10,000 Ebooks in One Year (+ surpassed the income from my day job) | 30 Day Books

Susan Kaye Quinn, Speculative Fiction Author: IndieReCON 2014

Susan Kaye Quinn, Speculative Fiction Author: Middle Grade Week - Marketing Indie Middle Grade - The Hardest Sell

When to Self-Publish: A Publisher’s Perspective by Steven W. Booth — The Book Designer

2013 eBook Cover Design Winners — The Book Designer

More Pie, Please! | Hugh Howey

The Writers Alley: The Justification for Entering Writing Contests

Writer Unboxed » How to Avoid Cover Design Pitfalls for Indie Publishers

Our Eggs Don’t Break | Hugh Howey

Fiction University (The Other Side of the Story): Understanding Your Ebook Formatting Options

Baboon Fart Story: Now Available Here For Your, Erm, Pleasure? « terribleminds: chuck wendig

IndieReCon – Free Online Conference Starts Next Week | David Gaughran