Monday Must-Reads [12.28.15]

I'm back! After feeling under the weather, the craziness of the holidays, and a much-needed break, your regular Monday Must-Reads are here. Hope you enjoy and share :)

Productivity Tips

5 Major Goal-Setting Myths That Keep You Stuck - Michael Hyatt

Creative Work is Performance. Assess Your Creative Health Now.

Boost Your Writing: 3 Things To Do Now To Start 2016 Off Right - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

10 Reasons Why Being a Writer Is Like Being Santa Claus | Anne R. Allen's Blog... with Ruth Harris

Fiction University: Writers--Give Yourselves a Break

Full House: How to Work at Home With Kids During the Holidays

Scheduling Our Upcoming Year - Elizabeth Spann Craig

How to Use Scrivener to Start and Finish a Rough Draft

What is a SMART Goal? - YouTube

Writing Tips for Getting and Staying Organized | Writing Forward

Writing Tips & Inspiration

4 Questions to Improve Your Character Development

Fiction University: What Do I Look Like, a Protagonist? Describing Your First Person Narrator

The benefits of boredom

3 Ways to Find Writing Inspiration in Images

Emotional Wound Thesaurus Entry: Experiencing a Miscarriage or Stillbirth - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

Author, Jody Hedlund: The Critical Importance of Crafting a Strong Opening

Reader Influence in Our Stories - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Emotional Wound Entry: Being Unfairly Blamed For the Death of Another - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

Writability: Vlog: How to Pick Your Next Book Idea

Serials – What are they, and why am I writing one? – Rinelle Grey

Author, Jody Hedlund: The Love-Hate Relationship Writers Have With Their Manuscripts

So You’ve Finished a Rough Draft. What Now?

Fiction University: Words or Numbers? What’s the Best Way to Label Your Chapters?

Heinlein’s Rules: Introduction

Heinlein’s Rules: Chapter One & Chapter Two

Heinlein’s Rules: Chapter Three

Heinlein’s Rules: Chapter Four

Revision & Editing Tips

Author-Editor Collaboration: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - The Book Designer

Writability: Line Editing: What to Look For

Author Platform Tips

Writers and Social Media - Elizabeth Spann Craig

My social media mid-life crisis

The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Social Media Calendar

3 Fun Ideas for Marketing on Snapchat - YouTube

The Most Important Social Metric You Should Be Tracking - YouTube

Book Marketing Tips

What is an Email Autoresponder? - YouTube

Write A Blockbuster - Part 2: 10 Tips For A Successful Launch | Write to Done

Publishing News & Tips

The Ebook Retail Universe - The Book Designer

e-Book Cover Design Awards, November 2015 - The Book Designer

Fiction University: Cover Design on a Budget

How to Know Your Book's Cover Needs a Redesign

Before You Launch a Patreon for Your Writing, Read This

How to Increase Sales at Apple iBooks | Lindsay Buroker

How To Write A Non-Fiction Book: A Step By Step Guide | The Creative Penn

Fiction University: Tips for Writing Your Author Acknowledgements

30 Books And Counting. Lindsay Buroker On Being A Full-Time Author | The Creative Penn

Control and the Self-Published Writer - Elizabeth Spann Craig

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