Monday Must-Reads [11/4/13]

Hooray for being on time :) And I finally have my Macbook Air back! Back to editing... Anyway, I've included a special section just on NaNoWriMo. Hope you enjoy and share this edition of Monday Must-Reads! 

*NaNoWriMo Tips*

The NaNoWriMo Dialogues: Day One, “So Not Ready” « terribleminds: chuck wendig

NaNoWriMo Prizes, Motivation, and Fun — Enter Here! | Lindsay Buroker

Writing on the Ether: The Haunting of NaNoWriMo | Jane Friedman

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Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

5 Affordable Image Creation Tools that I use In My Blogging : @ProBlogger

Author, Jody Hedlund: Having Self-Discipline All Year (Not Just During NaNo!)

On Not Writing | Catherine, Caffeinated

How To Add More Time To Your Day (AKA: How to Make The Most of The Time You Do Have) « Courage 2 Create

This Is Now Your Applesauce, Do Not Try To Deny Its Wishes « terribleminds: chuck wendig

5 Ways Your Journal Can Take You Deeper Into Your Story | Write to Done

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Writing my butterflies first… A peek inside my ‘process’ just for fun! | ALLIE B BOOKS

How to get over writer's block | Nathan Bransford, Author

Are You In A Complicated Relationship With Your Characters?

Talents and Skills: Sewing | WRITERS HELPING WRITERS

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: Decide For Yourself

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Climaxes and Anticlimaxes

The Writers Alley: Methods To Plot Your Novel

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The Other Side of the Story: I Hear You: Character Voices in Non-POV Characters

Revision & Editing Tips

Are You Using This Shortcut To Polish Your Manuscript? | Write to Done

Writability: Quotation Marks: Not for Emphasis

Author Platform Tips

When Spammers and Trolls Take Over – Authors Innovate – Facebook Groups (WANA Class Excerpt) | Kristen Lamb's Blog

10 ways to boost the number of Facebook fans that see your posts

Book Marketing Tips

Paid Advertising (Results and Numbers) : Garrett Robinson

How to Find a Publicist for Independent Artists : Garrett Robinson

Publishing News & Tips

Writing Advice from C.L. Stone | Hugh Howey

How to legally quote song lyrics in your book - BookBaby Blog

Kindle Countdown Deals: The Saving Grace of KDP Select? • Ryan Casey

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The Slow Release—Not the End of the World | Mystery Writing is Murder