Monday Must-Reads [1/13/14]

Welcome to another edition of Monday Must-Reads. Hope you enjoy and share (and if you like YA, don't forget that it's only 99 cents for a little bit longer; see sidebar)! 

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

How To Save Money on Your Internet, Phone, Cable, and Electric Bills :: Southern Savers

How to Create a Writing, Publishing and Marketing Plan for the Year [Includes Template] — Aliventures

A New Year, A New Routine (Or, The Problem With Goals) | Catherine, Caffeinated

Sleep as an Droid Wakes You Up Gently at Your Best Time

Beth Revis: On Being Alone and Not

Friday Five: My stories will have… | ALLIE B BOOKS

Negative thinking? Give it a try. - Rachelle Gardner

Writers' Resolutions for the New Year - BookBaby Blog

Beth Revis: Don't Be Afraid of Change

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Closing the gap between hating your writing and loving it — Ksenia Anske

We Are All Storytellers: Why Writing Talent is a Myth • Ryan Casey

Writing and How To Create A Vivid Setting | EM Castellan

The Writers Alley: Under the POV Microscope

The Other Side of the Story: Do E-Readers Put Unfair Pressure on First Chapters?

For Those Who Write Multiple Series | Elizabeth Spann Craig

The Writer’s Guide to a Meaningful Reference Library | Kristen Lamb's Blog

Writing Fiction: Dialogue Tag Basics | The Creative Penn

How To Write Books That Sing

Revision & Editing Tips

Why Does Editing Take So Long? | The POP Newsletter

Fiction Notes | If You Only Do One Revision, Do This

Authors: Are You Looking For Beta Readers and Book Reviewers?

Author Platform Tips

Why Authors, Creatives And Other Introverts Should Consider Public Speaking | The Creative Penn

Book Marketing Tips

How To Write An Effective Book Tweet - Training Authors for Success

How to Get a Truckload of Reviews on Amazon

The Business Rusch: Branding (Discoverability Part 6) « Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Long Road of Connecting Your Book to Readers

Ebooks, Word Count, and Marketing the Stand-Alone Novel (or should one book become two?) | Lindsay Buroker

QueryTracker Blog: 11 Tips For Making A Book Trailer

3 Book Marketing Projects to Tackle in 2014 — Self Publishing Team

Want to Earn More Money for Your Writing? Give it Away! | Men with Pens

What Beyonce's New Album Says About Marketing | Nathan Bransford, Author

Publishing News & Tips

Wendy Higgins Writes: HONE$TY PO$T: An Average Traditionally Published Author's Pay

Before you even start self-publishing - Must Use Bigger Elephants

I’ve finally e-published! - 13 things I’ve learnt::Ian Martyn

Book Interior Formatting: The Dreaded Page Number | Blargle Splect: Writerly Musings & Blather

Don’t Anyone Put Me in Charge | Hugh Howey

My Second Month on the Hypothetical Job | Hugh Howey

Anne R. Allen's Blog: Go Global in 2014: How to Get Your Books into the Global Marketplace

25 Damned Dirty Lies About Publishing, By Delilah S. Dawson « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Readers Don’t Get Fatigued; Editors Do. | Hugh Howey

I See it Half-Full | Hugh Howey

Author, Jody Hedlund: 9 Lessons I've Learned So Far About Writing & Publication

It's Not Just One Book. Your Rights And How To Exploit Them. | The Creative Penn