Monday Must-Reads [11.26.18]

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Productivity Tips

Get More Done As A Writer || BEST SELF-PUBLISHING ADVICE TIP #5 - YouTube

Ksenia Anske/Blog/Your life ends by the minute

It’s Not Just About Making Time: How Can You Find the Energy to Write? | Aliventures

How to Simplify the Holidays : zen habits

The Biggest Reason You Procrastinate & How To Overcome It - SHELLI JOHNSON

Ksenia Anske/Blog/Boredom precedes creativity

Keeping Track of Everything in Scrivener with Metadata | Writers In The Storm

Business Musings: Positive, Pleasing, and Optimistic – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

One by one, the urgent goes away | Seth's Blog

How to Monotask Your Way to Writing Productivity • Reedsy

Writing Tips & Inspiration

How To Write A Novel: Plot Gardening With Chris Fox | The Creative Penn

Inspiring Writing Quotes from Famous Authors for Thanksgiving

Writing the Small Town Setting – Elizabeth Spann Craig

Ksenia Anske/Blog/Write something stunning

Story Logic: The Crucial Importance of Because, But, Therefore | Writers In The Storm

Author Platform & Book Marketing Tips

How to Maximize the Exposure of Your Videos: A Strategic Plan : Social Media Examiner

#238: Success Secrets to Serving the Smallest Viable Market with Seth Godin - Amy Porterfield | Online Marketing Expert

How an Author Doubled First-in-Series Sales Using BookBub Ads

Facebook Video: The Guide Marketers Are Looking For

Publishing News & Tips

Joy Is The Most Important Element of Success || BEST SELF-PUBLISHING ADVICE Tip #8 - YouTube

Self-Publishing Success Takes Time || BEST SELF-PUBLISHING ADVICE TIP #4 - YouTube

LLC or S-Corp? Choosing the Right Business Structure with Bobby Klinck - Amy Porterfield | Online Marketing Expert

Blockchain for Books: What Indie Authors Need to Know | The Creative Penn

Driving a New Path: PublishDrive’s Subscription Option - The Book Designer