Monday Must-Reads [11/25/13]

Welcome to an (extra long) edition of Monday Must-Reads. So many good tips! Hope you enjoy and share. My favorite is actually the very first tip, by the way.

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Ellis Shuman Writes: How I Found Time to Write in My Busy Schedule

You know you're a Hunger Games fan when... (picture)

The Problem with Plans: What I Learned from Getting Laid Off | Goins, Writer

The Ability to Single-Task | Mystery Writing is Murder

Preparing for a Productive Writing Day | Mystery Writing is Murder

Thoughts on Parenting : Garrett Robinson

The Other Side of the Story: I’m Dreaming of a Write Christmas! A Gift-Giving Guide for the Writer in Your Life

The Most Popular Books of All Time (Infographic) | Aerogramme Writers' Studio

Writing Tips & Inspiration

I Don't Like Your Story | Fiction Notes

How do I develop something special in my writing? | Nail Your Novel

Top Five reasons I love to write YA | ALLIE B BOOKS

Nailing Your Novel's First Chapter

How to Write Better: The Art of Dynamic Descriptions

Writing a Novel Series: Tips for Developing Spin-Offs and Sequels | The Creative Penn

The Other Side of the Story: Heads or Tails? Choosing What to Work on Next

The Other Side of the Story: Where Do I Go From Here? Plotting Through “What Happens Next?” Part One

The 10,000 Hour Rule Isn’t True

Looking For Your Ideal Reader?

Write Naked

NaNoWriMo: On The Language Of Losing « terribleminds: chuck wendig

13 Inspiring Quotes for Writers from Octavia E. Butler | Aerogramme Writers' Studio

How to Write a Character Who is Nothing Like You

Kurt Vonnegut's 8 rules for writing a short story - BookBaby Blog

Revision & Editing Tips

5 Key Ways to Choose the Right Word (Without a Thesaurus!) - Helping Writers Become Authors

Developmental Editing: What is it Exactly? » Katie McCoach Editorial

Our List of Sneaky Words that Spellcheck Doesn’t Find | Wise Ink's Blog for Indie Authors about Self-Publishing

Editor Pet Peeves, Part 1 — Commas, Independent Clauses and Double Sentences : Garrett Robinson

I Don't Want an Honest Critique

Author Platform Tips

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Social Media Image Sizes | Author Media

28 Blog Post Ideas for Writers and Authors to Use Today! (With some fill in the blank titles) | 30 Day Books

How an Email List Can Foster Reader Engagement — The Book Designer

The Wordpress Plug-ins I Can't Live Without | Jane Friedman

Writability: How to Find Blog Photos Using Flickr

What Is The Point of A Blog? | Catherine, Caffeinated

Book Marketing Tips

Is Podcasting Your Novel Worth It? | H. Lovelyn Bettison

The Beautiful Room: Making a book trailer: 20 Steps I took before, during and after making my first book trailer

5 Ways To Boost Your Book Sales This Holiday Season

Anne R. Allen's Blog: Writers’ Toolkit #4: How to Sell Your EBook: Ads, Promo, Marketing—Paid and FREE

Readers to Books/Books to Readers-Part Two: How to Sell Books in the Kindle Store with the Search Bar | M. Louisa Locke

Free Your Writing from the Bondage of Marketing • Ryan Casey

How to support an author's book: 26 simple ideas to use now - Build Book Buzz

Nick's Writing Blog: Kindle Countdown - A New Promotional Tool for Kindle Authors

Going Perma Free: My Reflections After 100,000 Downloads of my eBook | 30 Day Books

October Sales and Strategies : Garrett Robinson

Book Marketing To Readers: The Fussy Librarian | The Creative Penn

Publishing News & Tips

Killing the Top Ten Sacred Cows of Publishing: #7… To Sell You Must Write What Is Hot |

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: The Quality of Self-Published Books

Ebook Pricing Reconsidered: How I'm Pricing My Ebooks in 2014 • Ryan Casey

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: My Proofreader

Keeping a Professional Distance From our Book | Mystery Writing is Murder

Still Conflicted about Amazon - Rachelle Gardner

Write What You Love, Or Write What Sells? « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Writing Serial Fiction And Collaborative Writing With David Wright | The Creative Penn

Writer Unboxed » Pay Proper Attention to Your Bio

Infographic: 4 Key Book Publishing Paths | Jane Friedman