Monday Must-Reads [10/14/13]

Welcome to another edition of Monday Must-Reads. Hope you enjoy and share :)

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Writability: How to Use Scrivener's Cork Board

NaNoWriMo—Training Lean, Mean, Writing Machines | Kristen Lamb's Blog

10 Tips for Preparing for NaNoWriMo - Rinelle Grey

The Power of Sacred Time: The Writers Edition

Doubt, Fear, False Alarms & “Giving Birth” To Our Dreams | Kristen Lamb's Blog

Welcome To NaNoWriMo Prep School, Word-Nerds « terribleminds: chuck wendig

11 Untranslatable Words from Other Cultures | Aerogramme Writers' Studio

Writing Tips & Inspiration

How to Write Like Nicholas Sparks: 4 Tips

If Your Mystery Needs Complexity | Mystery Writing is Murder

How to switch point of view without confusing the reader | Nail Your Novel

The Other Side of the Story: How to Plot With the Three-Act Structure

4 Suggestions for Dealing with Plot Holes - Rinelle Grey

How to Harvest Creative Writing Ideas from the News

The Bookshelf Muse: Let the Characters Tell the Story

How to Make Sure Your NaNo Project Isn’t a Hot Mess | Kristen Lamb's Blog

We Grow Media – Dan Blank » On Commitment (and the life of a writer)

Why You Should Use Symbolism In Your Writing

A short story is a valid art form — Ksenia Anske

Revision & Editing Tips

GalleyCat’s Freelance Editor Directory - GalleyCat

How to Tighten Your Manuscript - Rachelle Gardner

Author Platform Tips

Anne R. Allen's Blog: Social Media Secrets for Authors, Part IV: How Not to Spam

Book Marketing Tips

Emerging Authors: Focus on Amazon - BookBaby Blog

Publishing News & Tips

Submitting Your Book to Nook Press | BiblioCrunch

Introducing Libiro. The New Ebook Store For Indie Authors | The Creative Penn

Killing the Top Ten Sacred Cows of Publishing: #6… Selling to a Big Publisher Insures Quality |

Updates on ACX and Goodreads, Thoughts on Freebies | Mystery Writing is Murder

Writers and Publishing Trends | EM Castellan

Author, Jody Hedlund: Why Getting Some Negative Reviews Can Be Positive

Why Self-Published Author Kendra Highley Chose a Publisher for Her New Book | Lindsay Buroker

Do You Read Self-Published Books Differently? | Catherine, Caffeinated