Monday Must-Reads [10.31.16]

NaNoWriMo Tips

The Ultimate List of NaNoWriMo Tips at Savvy Authorpreneur (UPDATED!)

(I almost forgot about this post (thanks to the person who pointed it out!). I've updated it with TONS more helpful info and a BONUS tip that includes a quick and easy recipe!)

Welcome to the 8×8 Challenge! (8×8 Day 1) | Prose on Fire

NaNoWriMotivation! (8×8 Day 2) | Prose on Fire

A Cooling Mist Of NaNoWriMo-Flavored Novel Writing Advice « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Writability: Vlog: How to Prepare for NaNoWriMo

5 NaNoWriMo Hacks To Keep Words Flowing - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

Productivity Tips

Relax Into the Moment : zen habits

Writability: On Creating (Flexible) Schedules

Parenting and Writing - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Little Changes Can Make a Huge Difference : zen habits

Top 8 Foods and Drinks for Writers

Fiction University: 5 Ways to Restart Your Writing After a Break

Adjust A Goal

What's Scary-For Writers - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Slang Jargon Insider Lingo Make Dialogue Authentic

Character Motivation Thesaurus Entry: Mending a Broken Relationship - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

Dealing with a slump

Why Your Stories Need to be Filled with Secrets - Sterling & Stone

How to Spark Your Story With an Inciting Incident

Writability: Are Your Characters Flawed?

Creating Believable Characters: 8 Tactics | Now Novel

Revision & Editing Tips

No links this week.

Author Platform Tips

Podcasting Guide: How to Add a Killer Podcast to Your Blog

Three Different Ways to Name Your Blog or Website [Pros and Cons] - Aliventures

Book Marketing Tips

How to Sell Books: Get Offline and Meet Your Readers IRL

Facebook Reach Objective: Cap Ad Frequency While Maximizing Reach - Jon Loomer Digital

How to Know If Your Book Marketing Campaigns Made Money

How to Use Reddit to Market Your Books (Carefully) | Jane Friedman

Fiction University: Service Spotlight: Instafreebie as Lead Generator

All the Things I’m Doing (And Not Doing) To Promote My Kindle Countdown Deal(s) (Behind-the-Scenes Launch #5) | Prose on Fire

Publishing News & Tips

Balancing the Art and Business of the Writing Life

Taking The Next Step. Lessons Learned From The Coast Masterclass 2016 | The Creative Penn

Business Musings: The Curse of Early Adopters – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Things Every Indie Author Should be Learning - Sterling & Stone

The Moment That Defines You as An Entrepreneur - The Smart Passive Income Blog

Why You Should Use the Word Indie Instead of Self-Published - Sterling & Stone

e-Book Cover Design Awards, September 2016 - The Book Designer

How to Use Data Science To Create And Sell More Books | The Creative Penn

Own Your Author Business in 7 Steps - BookWorks

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