Monday Must-Reads [10.19.15]


In Defense of NaNoWriMo — Medium

What to Do NOW to Prepare for NaNoWriMo

Productivity Tips

Redesigning Your Life’s Interface : zen habits

How to Use Evernote for Marketing, Productivity, and More

Writing Tips & Inspiration

The Dumbest Mistakes New Authors Make

Emotional Wounds Thesaurus: Physical Disfigurement - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

Planning a Novel: Character Arc In A Nutshell - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

Pretentious Title: Writing Wednesdays - Varying Your Pacing For Dramatic Effect

Go Big, Go Weird, Go You, And Fuck Fear Right In The Ear « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Author, Jody Hedlund: 6 Ways Authors Over-Dramatize

10 Practices for Maintaining a Constant Stream of Writing Ideas | Writing Forward

Writer, Trust Thyself [or How (And Why) To Perform a Writer Gut-Check]

Turning a Unique Phrase | The Creative Penn

Revision & Editing Tips

Kubler-Ross Model of Grief Associated With Editing And Rewriting « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Author Platform Tips

Feeling Like an Old Geezer at the New Social Media Party | Jane Friedman

How to Use Periscope to Build Your Writing Brand

How To Make Vertical Video Cool On YouTube - YouTube

Book Marketing Tips

Advanced Product Funnels To Sell More Books - The Self Publishing Podcast

5 Ways to Promote Your Free Book 1 Series Starter | Lindsay Buroker

Facebook Lead Ads: Exploring Facebook's Newest Ads Tool

Publishing News & Tips

Anne R. Allen's Blog: Do You Need to Copyright your Manuscript? Will it Prevent Book Piracy?

Writability: Vlog: On Authoring and Social Anxiety

Fiction University: How to Find and Select a Cover Designer

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