Monday Must-Reads [09.28.15]

Tons of writing tips below to get us geared up for #NaNoWriMo :)

Productivity Tips

My Journey in Creative Writing: Seasons

Writability: End of Year Goals

Writing Tips & Inspiration

22 Writing Experts On Overcoming Their Greatest Writing Challenges

Writability: Vlog: 4 Mistakes I Made as a New Writer

Pretentious Title: Writing Wednesday: How to Fix a Broken Plot

5 New Ways to Choose Perfect Character Names

Point of View in Writing

Emotional Wounds Thesaurus Entry: Becoming a Caregiver at a Young Age - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

Writing the Cozy Mystery: the Setting and the Sidekick - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Writability: How to Write Transitions

Writability: POV Choices in YA

Embrace Your Writing Style: 9 Writing and Grammar Rules Worth Breaking

Author, Jody Hedlund: Seven Dialogue Basics That Can Help Tighten Our Stories

How to make a newspaper blackout poem

Should You Sign Up for a Writing Class?

Fiction University: Fix Your Reader’s Pet Peeves: Relying on Old Tropes

Revision & Editing Tips

Anne R. Allen's Blog: Style That Doesn't go out of Fashion: Style Sheets, Style Guides, and Why Audrey Hepburn Style is a Writer’s Best Friend

Ksenia Anske Books/Blog/Finding an editor

Author Platform Tips

From Newbie Blogger To A Six Figure Business Built On A Blog | The Creative Penn

Communicating Indirectly With Readers - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Free Checklist for “Passive” Book Marketing | Savvy Book Writers

Book Marketing Tips

Fiction University: Fool's Gold II: Why Indies Should Question Marketing “Rules”

How to Get Started on Blab - Getting Ready for Your First Broadcast

Publishing News & Tips

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Maybe You Suck

Can Serials Still Be Profitable in Kindle Unlimited 2.0 (and elsewhere)? | Lindsay Buroker

How to design book covers yourself at home

#176 Optimizing Your Amazon Sales Page for Conversion with Bryan Cohen - Self Publishing Podcast

7 Rules to be Successful as an Author by Judith Briles — The Book Designer

Pretentious Title: Let's Talk Numbers: Do Pre-orders Help Sales?

e-Book Cover Design Awards, August 2015 — The Book Designer

Smashwords: How to Price Kindle Books to FREE without Exclusivity

Authors Respond to Syrian Refugee Crisis | readers+writers journal

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