Monday Must-Reads [09.21.15]

Harry Potter :)

12 Magical Quotes from Hermione Granger

Productivity Tips

7 Simple Hacks to Get Writing When You Just Can’t

3 Questions Before You Say YES to a New Project - YouTube

I’m Returning to Single-Tasking : zen habits

Writability: Vlog: How to Juggle Writing & School

Working on the Side: How to Fit Freelance Writing Around a Full-Time Job

Resource Roundup Report and Recommendations — The Book Designer

9 (or more) Things I Love About Scrivener

How to Become a Morning Person - Michael Hyatt

Fast Writers and Slow Writers - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Create a Compelling Book Title - Rachelle Gardner

Ksenia Anske Books/Blog/Writing after depression

Writing Tip 1: Planning For Pantsers • Ryan Casey

QueryTracker Blog: Unleashing Your Creativity: Five Ways To Switch Off That Internal Editor

3 Inspiring Quotes to Get You Writing

Pretentious Title: Writing Wednesdays: The Bare Bones Guide to Becoming a Better Writer

Emotional Wound Thesaurus: A Sibling's Betrayal - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

25 Story Starters for Writing Fiction | Writing Forward

Writability: Do You Have to Write Diverse Characters?

Dear Writers And Creative-Types: You Don’t Need Motivation « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Don’t Make These 4 Common Short Story Mistakes

Author, Jody Hedlund: How To Get Readers To Read Your Entire Series

#175 How to Write Better Stories Faster - Self Publishing Podcast

Writability: Are Your Characters Too Passive?

Revision & Editing Tips

Fiction University: The Frankendraft: Putting Life Back Into Overly Revised Novels

Author Platform Tips

Authors: Have You Blabbed or Scoped Yet? by France Caballo — The Book Designer

Top 10 Facebook Video Tips for Beginners

Inside the Science and Psychology of Highly Shareable Content

The 6 Types of Content Will Boost Your Traffic and Engagement

Book Marketing Tips

Tips on Using Blog Tours for Book Marketing

The Writer Unboxed / BookBub Interview, Pt 2

How To Write Your Book Sales Description With Bryan Cohen | The Creative Penn

Publishing News & Tips

Anne R. Allen's Blog: How to Get Your Indie Book Translated and Reach the Growing "Globile" Market

Fiction University: Creating an Author Business Plan: Professional Development

Russell Blake » Thinking Like A Publisher

Dear Any-Kind-Of-Published Author: Write As Much As You Want « terribleminds: chuck wendig

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: A Gentle Reminder

The State of the Publishing Industry in 5 Charts | Jane Friedman

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