Monday Must-Reads [09.19.16]

Productivity Tips

The Productivity Formula | allisonmartin

Not Doing All the Things We Want to Do : zen habits

3 Writing Goals You Should Set

What Was I Thinking? Night One


Writing Tips & Inspiration

The Feeling of My Own Extreme Caring – CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD

Here's How You Actually Write a Book

The Power of Myth in Fiction

Fiction University: Grow Up Already: Creating Character Arcs

Pretentious Title: Writing Wednesday: Creating Settings Readers Can't Forget (And You Can't Mess Up)

Storytelling: What is a Plot? | Writing Forward

Creative Challenges Within a Single Genre - Elizabeth Spann Craig

6 Ways to Cultivate Urgency That Will Captivate Fiction Readers

What To Do After You Write A Book

Confessions of an Intrepid Mermaid

Hunting Down Story Holes Using a Novel Journal - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

QueryTracker Blog: Making Your Characters Round

Become an Exposition Ninja with 4 Sneaky Steps - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Revision & Editing Tips

Want to Make Revisions Easier? Create an Editorial Map - Marcy Kennedy

What Type of Revision is Your Novel? by Janice Hardy |

The Writers Alley: The Most Essential Key To Editing Your Manuscript

Fiction University: Jigsaw Wizard: Dealing With Multiple Drafts During Revisions

How To Self-Edit Your Book And Avoid Common Story Mistakes With Harry Dewulf | The Creative Penn

Author Platform Tips

10 Tips on Networking Like a Pro at a Conference

Email Marketing: 5 Things Authors Should NEVER Do - Anne R. Allen's Blog... with Ruth Harris

101 Blogging Tips to Keep You Moving Forward

Not Sure How to Approach Social Media? CARE about Your Readers | Jane Friedman

Book Marketing Tips

How Marketing Goals Affect BookBub Ad Campaigns [Infographic]

Publishing News & Tips

Should You Have a Pen Name? - Write Hacked

What New Authors Need to Know About Library Systems

My Writing Process, Book Marketing Tips And More. Facebook Live Replay Sept 2016 | The Creative Penn

Is your writing a hobby, an art, a business, a vocation, a profession? Let’s discuss | Nail Your Novel

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