Monday Must-Reads [09.08.14]

Welcome to this week's edition of Monday Must-Reads. Hope you enjoy and share the tips!

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips And Running Your Author Business With Jen Talty | The Creative Penn

How to be Awesome - Sterling & Stone

Killing Time-Killing: Ending Smartphone Addiction • Ryan Casey

Seven Ways Your Physical Environment Can Help or Hinder Your Writing | Writing Forward

Being a Healthier Writer with Roland Denzel (SPP 122) - Sterling & Stone

Run Writer Run: Why Exercise Will Help You Write Better

7 Ways to Build Community Into Your Writing Life

Writability: Vlog: Harry Potter Spells Book Rec Tag

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Anne R. Allen's Blog: The Biggest Mistake New Writers Make and 5 Ways to Avoid It

You Need to Ask this Question Every Time You Sit Down to Write

Having A Writer's Crisis? Here's What to Do - LiveHacked

Writer Unboxed » I’d Know That Voice Anywhere

Writability: On Censoring and YA

Hotness in YA: It might be all in your head… | ALLIE B BOOKS

Fiction University: On Tonight's Episode: Fixing Episodic Chapters

Kick it up a Notch: Top Tips on Writing a Page-Turning Novel - WRITERS HELPING WRITERSWRITERS HELPING WRITERS

Author, Jody Hedlund: Describing Characters: Moving Beyond Hair & Eye Color

How To Write A Novel With The Snowflake Method. With Randy Ingermanson | The Creative Penn

Writer Unboxed » Collaboration

Revision & Editing Tips

Amina Gautier: Joy of Revision

The Psychological Reason You Can’t Spot Your Own Typos ~ Levo League

After 20 Novels, What Does Your Editing Process Look Like? | Lindsay Buroker

Author Platform Tips

The Writers Alley: The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Authentic Online Relationships

Beth Revis: The Introvert's Guide to Selling Books at a Con

Book Marketing Tips

27 Places to Get a Book Tour (and the Top Ten) | Self-Publishing Review

Publishing News & Tips

How to Write a Bestselling Book This Year — The Definitive Resource List and How-To Guide | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

My Interview with Tim Knox | Hugh Howey

What You Need to Know about Amazon Pre-ordering | Indies Unlimited

Kill me now – what do I do about a negative review? | Nail Your Novel

Susan Kaye Quinn, Speculative Fiction Author: Getting Your Best Royalty On A 99cent Title

Readers and Self-Pub | Elizabeth Spann Craig

Episode # 63 – Quadruple your Amazon Sales and Keep Your Readers | Rocking Self Publishing

Susan Kaye Quinn, Speculative Fiction Author: The Nightmare of Updating Backmatter - SOLVED

KDP Kids: Kindle Kids Book Creator

Susan Kaye Quinn, Speculative Fiction Author: Author-Friends: How To Use Pre-Orders