Monday Must-Reads [09.05.16]

Productivity Tips

The Unprocrastination Challenge for September : zen habits

Topic of the Night: My Seven Keys of a Challenge

Beth Revis: A Day in the Life

Writing Tips: Carry a Notebook | Writing Forward

5 Ways Becoming a Mom Made Me a Better Freelance Writer

Adapt to Change and Become More Productive

Writing Tips & Inspiration

When The Spark is Gone: 4 Ways to Bring Back the Joy of Writing

How to Write a Story Without an Outline

How to Create Strong Character Arcs - Sterling & Stone

My Story is Planned, Now What? - Sterling & Stone

Why Do We Write?

Fiction University: Blog Tour Stop: Discovering Your Novel's Hook

Revision & Editing Tips

Fiction University: Bulking Up: Fleshing Out a Too-Short Novel

Fiction University: Blog Tour Stop: How to Cut Words From a Too-Long Manuscript

QueryTracker Blog: The Art of Giving and Accepting Critiques

Author Platform Tips

Instagram Stories: 18 Marketers to Follow for Incredible Inspiration

Tips for a Successful Facebook Live! Broadcast – Indies Unlimited

What do I send to my email list? | Tim Grahl

Book Marketing Tips

Fiction University: Indie Publishing Paths: What’s Your Newsletter Plan? Part Two

Authors: Boost Book Marketing with These 5 Apps - The Book Designer

Publishing News & Tips

What is Better, Permafree or KDP Select - Sterling & Stone

My New Series of Columns on Self-Publishing | Jane Friedman

Pretentious Title: Writing Wednesday: Know Thy (Publishing) Self

Pretentious Title: Let's Talk Numbers: How Long Should Your Series Be?

Checklist for a New Release - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Free Translation Services | Self-Publishing Advice Center

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