Monday Must-Reads [08.15.16]

Productivity Tips

Organizing a Second Draft with Notecards and Tom Petty

How Tiny Goals Changed My Life And Made Me a Real Writer

The Ultimate 10 Step Guide to Plan and Write Your Book | Write to Done


How to Plan Writing Time into Your Week [With Downloadable Spreadsheet] - Aliventures

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Create Believable Characters by Golden Globe Winner Gerald DiPego

Emotional Wound Entry: Being So Beautiful It's All People See - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

Starting a New Novel

Ksenia Anske/Blog/My Scrivener novel template

Creating Characters That Resonate | Writing Forward

Pretentious Title: Writing Wednesday: The Addictive Power of Emotional Investment (Part 2)

Fiction University: Don't Let Your Characters “Nod” Off

Fiction University: Blog Tour Stop: Using Internal Conflict to Create Plot

10 Things Stranger Things Taught Me About Storytelling « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Fiction University: Blog Tour Stop: Stuck on Your Novel? Start With the Ending

Fiction University: Plotting Your Pants (Wait, That Sounds Bad…)

25 Reasons Why I Stopped Reading Your Book « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Revision & Editing Tips

Fiction University: Breathe! The Copyeditor Has Your Back

Author Platform Tips

Long-Term Blogging, Part II - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Why I Started Using Pop-Ups on My Website | Jane Friedman

Long-Term Blogging, Part I - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Book Marketing Tips

10 Recent Changes Impacting Facebook Advertisers - Jon Loomer Digital

1,100+ New Places To Market Your Books | Creativindie

Facebook Ads: The Complete, Always-Updated Guide

Taking Advice from Other Authors Marketing Tip Monday – JA Huss

Publishing News & Tips

How To Create A Profitable Online Training Course | The Creative Penn

Sales Writing Problem

The horrible hidden truth about self-publishing that nobody wants you to know | Creativindie


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