Monday Must-Reads [08.11.14]

Welcome to this week's edition of Monday Must-Reads. Hope you enjoy and share!

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Eight Questions: Interview with Joanna Penn - Sterling & Stone

Eight Questions: Interview with Hugh Howey - Sterling & Stone

Eight Questions: Interview with David Gaughran - Sterling & Stone

Time To Pack Operation Christmas Child Boxes :: Southern Savers

QueryTracker Blog: Balancing Your Writing Career

Eight Questions: Interview with CJ Lyons

Writer Unboxed » How to Keep Writing? Break It Down.

How To Overcome the #2 Thing That Stops You From Writing

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Susan Kaye Quinn, Speculative Fiction Author: Good Days and Bad Days

Forgoing the “New and Shiny”

7 Things We Learned by Writing a Novel in 30 Days - Sterling & Stone

How To Overcome the #3 Thing Stopping You From Writing

Writing is hard; here’s a plan | Novel Girl

Author, Jody Hedlund: Reader Pet Peeves

How to Become a Better Writer

Fiction University: An Unpredictable (and Fun)Trick to Keep Your Plots Unpredictable

Revision & Editing Tips

Proofreading software to save you time - BookBaby Blog

Anne R. Allen's Blog: What is a Beta Reader? Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Getting and Giving Feedback on your WIP

Author Platform Tips

How To Promote Yourself And Your Books On Social Media Without Feeling Like A Soul-Selling, Sleaze-Sucking Slime-Glob « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Why Design Matters for Your Author Website by Maria Ribas

Book Marketing Tips

How to run a GoodReads giveaway with maximal results: 11 tips we know you’ll need | Novel Publicity

Business Musings: What Is Discoverability? (Discoverability Part Oooops I Left This Out) | Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Example Thank You Page For Authors - Sterling & Stone

Are Facebook “Promoted Posts” Ever Worth It for Authors? | Lindsay Buroker

7 ways to promote your books with video - BookBaby Blog

Publishing News & Tips

Should You Quit Your Day Job? - GalleyCat

Authorpreneur's Almanac #2 - Sterling & Stone

Writer Unboxed » How to Get Your Short Stories Published in Lit Mags

Self-Publishers Aren’t Killing The Industry, They’re Saving It | David Gaughran

Episode # 59 – The Secrets of the World’s Most Successful Author | Rocking Self Publishing

Two Years In Publishing • Ryan Casey

Fiction University: Clean Up Your Ebook Files With HTML

4 Lessons From Writing on an Emerging Mobile Platform

What Should a Strong Authors' Advocacy Group Be Doing?

The Writers Alley: Cool, Calm, and Covered

Author Entrepreneur. Go Direct And Sell To Your Customers With Jim Kukral | The Creative Penn

Data Guy on Price Points | Hugh Howey

Voice Training for Audio Books (with David Lawrence): SPP #118 - Sterling & Stone

10 things I learned from being self-published for 1 year — Ksenia Anske

Canva for Cover Art | Hugh Howey

Choose the best Creative Commons license for your work [chart]