Monday Must-Reads [07.28.14]

Welcome to this week's edition of Monday Must-Reads. Back to the usual length but still packed with amazingly helpful tips. Hope you enjoy and share!

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

5 Top Tips To Boost Writing Productivity | Self-Publishing Advice

Using Labels in Scrivener | Tech Tools for Writers

Susan Kaye Quinn, Speculative Fiction Author: Writing ALL THE BOOKS - Prioritizing Your Writing Time

What is a writing residency and how can I get one?

The Wake-Up Call: What it Means to Be A Self-Published Writer - LiveHacked

My Journey in Creative Writing: Things You Will Find on My Writing Desk

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Why Failure IS an Option for Writers | Positive Writer

Beyond Paper Editing: A Quick Guide to Writing Short—Part 1: Fiction

15 Ways To Tell You’re Onto Something Good

Stop Worrying About Being Good at Writing. (Be Committed) | Jordan Rosenfeld

Talents and Skills Thesaurus Entry: Sharpshooting | WRITERS HELPING WRITERSWRITERS HELPING WRITERS

How To Write When You’re Really Tired

Take a Creative Risk - You Might Surprise Yourself

A Better Way to Open Your Novel -

How to Write a Book or Blog (The 6 Danger Stages You Need To Overcome) | Write to Done

How to Come Up With Writing Ideas When Your Muse is on Vacation

100 Writing Prompts to Rock Your Writing World, Part 2 | Wise Ink's Blog for Indie Authors about Self-Publishing

Max Gladstone: “First Drafts Suck” « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Writability: Vlog: On Writing Strong Secondary Love Interests

Fiction University: How I Stay Motivated During the Tough Times

Advice for young writers | Nathan Bransford, Author

Fiction University: Deep POV is Not the Only POV

The Writers Alley: Dialogue That Speaks to Me

Guest in The Alley--Corinne DeMaagd | NA Alley

Revision & Editing Tips

11 Grammar Mistakes That Label You "Amateur" - Books & Such Literary Management : Books & Such Literary Management

Why are book editors so expensive?? | @Belinda_Pollard

Beyond Paper Editing: 25 Word Lists for Writers

Anne R. Allen's Blog: EDITS, EDITORS, EDITING—The Secret Weapon of Every Successful Writer

A Writer’s Guide to Stop Panicking and Get the Most from a Critique

The Quest for a Critique Partner | EM Castellan

Fiction University: Listen to Me: Putting Feedback to Good Use

Author Platform Tips

Novel Rocket: Tips for Finding Your Authentic Social Media Voice

Writer Unboxed » One Way to Connect DIRECTLY To Your Fans? *Yawn* Email. Boring Old Email.

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Writers by Frances Caballo — The Book Designer

How Being Mistaken for a Girl Made Me a Better Blogger | Goins, Writer

Building a Killer Email List | David Gaughran

Book Marketing Tips

No links this week.

Publishing News & Tips

Liberio Lets You Make an eBook From Google Drive « GalleyCat

39 Things to Remember While Struggling to Build Your Writing Career | Your Writer Platform How to publish on Createspace - the process explained, with screenshots

Smashwords: 2014 Smashwords Survey Reveals New Opportunities for Indie Authors

Translate Your Book With Babelcube - Guest Post by Russell Phillips

9 Things I Did To Become A Full-Time Writer

Self-Publishing Answers Podcast: Episode 10 - Interview with Joanna Penn - LiveHacked

Creative Entrepreneur: Business Models For Authors | The Creative Penn

Do you know who owns your book cover? by Helen Sedwick — The Book Designer

Episode # 57 – On Using a Pen Name and Selling 1000 Books a Day | Rocking Self Publishing

Fiction University: Self-Published Book Awards: Are They Right for You?

Ebook Subscription Services: Good for Authors? [Smart Set] | Jane Friedman

Crowdfunding for writers — Ksenia Anske

It’s 2011 All Over Again | Hugh Howey

Everything I Know in a Nutshell

Why I Left My Agent & New York Publisher by Claire Cook

Make Art. Make Money. Lessons From Jim Henson With Elizabeth Hyde Stevens. Podcast Episode 189 | The Creative Penn

The Cover That Wasn’t and the Cover That Was: Homeowner With a Gun by Samuel Hawley — The Book Designer