Monday Must-Reads [07.25.16]

Productivity Tips

This 12-Step Process Will Train Your Brain to Write More Every Day |

Book Deadline Challenge: Week 3 Update

8 Experiments in Motivation : zen habits

Should You Write Faster? Here's What Four Indie Authors Do (Plus My Take) - Aliventures

The Bliss Station

Writing Tips & Inspiration

For Love or Money: Analyzing Hunger Games - Act I

For Love or Money: Analyzing Hunger Games - Act II

For Love or Money: Analyzing Hunger Games - Act III

For Love or Money: Emotional Structure in Your Novel

The Synergy of the First Draft, Whether You Trim or Embellish

Pretentious Title: Writing Wednesday: The Addictive Power of Emotional Investment

Emotional Wounds Thesaurus: Being Kidnapped (the Aftermath) - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

6 Key Scenes to Write a Terrifying Villain

Writability: How to Get Your Characters to Connect

Linear Writing - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Revision & Editing Tips

Writability: How to Condense Without Losing Anything Useful

How to Survive the Second Draft of Your Book

Author Platform Tips

Fiction University: How to Write (and Not to Write) an Author Bio

Book Marketing Tips

Facebook Ads Work: How to Use Facebook to Reach Niche Readers - Anne R. Allen's Blog... with Ruth Harris

A Hobbit’s Guide to Launching Your Book

The Top Guides to Online Advertising for Marketing Books

Canva iOS App is HERE! - YouTube

Prepare to Succeed Marketing Tip Monday – JA Huss

Publishing News & Tips

Fiction University: Writing to Market: What Is It and Should You Try It?

How to Become A Six-Figure Author - Write Hacked

Second Week of Essentials: Attitude

9 Lessons Learned About Writing From Walking 100km In A Weekend | The Creative Penn

QueryTracker Blog: Seven Questions Authors Need to Ask About Copyright

Essentials Workshop on YouTube

Pretentious Title: Should You Form a Writing Business?

How To Give Away Free Books And Why You Should With Damon Courtney From BookFunnel | The Creative Penn

Metadata Tools - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Author Earnings: 2016 Romance Writers of America RWA PAN Presentation

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