Monday Must-Reads [07.18.16]

Productivity Tips

New Video – Be Relentless! | Chris Fox Writes

Topic of the Night: Play Ethic

5 Steps to Developing More Discipline

Writing Routines: When to Write? - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Pretentious Title: The Science of Protecting Your Creativity

How to Write a Book in 3 Weeks: This Plan Makes It Possible

If You Just Keep Writing, Will You Get Better? | Jane Friedman

The Keyboards of Our Lives - The Book Designer

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Ksenia Anske/Blog/Plotting your novel: a guide for dummies

Fiction University: Tah-Dah! The Best Place to Reveal Your Story Secrets

Emotional Wound Entry: Discovering One's Parent is a Monster - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

Writing Advice From Ray Bradbury

Authors' Aphorisms | Self-Publishing Author Advice from The Alliance of Independent Authors

Fiction University: Write Book One, Not Book Two

Blocking the Block

Ksenia Anske/Blog/I will be learning how to plot

Writability: On (Finally) Drafting a Sequel

Fiction University: Three Ways to Build a Better Plot

Writing Fiction for Middle-Grade Readers

Revision & Editing Tips

No links this week.

Author Platform Tips

6 Tips For Getting More Traffic on your Author Blog - Anne R. Allen's Blog... with Ruth Harris

Making social media fun again

Why Authors Running a Featured Deal Should Claim Their BookBub Profile

How to Find Your Best Timing and Consistency on Instagram

Book Marketing Tips

How to Use Whatsapp in India | Self-Publishing Author Advice from The Alliance of Independent Authors

Publishing News & Tips

Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast Appearance | Chris Fox Writes

The 5-Part Authorpreneur Action Plan - Jennifer Blanchard

Creativity: Think Long Term. Create A Body Of Work. | The Creative Penn

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