Monday Must-Reads [07.05.16]

Productivity Tips

Second Half of the Year Started Today

5 Productivity Hacks for Creative Writers

Track Your Word Count and Progress with Scrivener

Writing Tips for Better Productivity | Writing Forward

Training to Be a Good Writer : zen habits

Pretentious Title: Writing Wednesday: Project Management for the Writing Business (with bonus Heartstrikers 3 sample chapter reveal!)

New Book Out Now. The Successful Author Mindset: A Handbook For Surviving The Writer's Journey | The Creative Penn

Approach With Attitude

The Most Important Conversation I've Had About My Business Ever - The Smart Passive Income Blog

Fiction University: A Less Lonely Way to Get More Writing Done

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Emotional Wound Entry: Discovering One's Sibling Was Abused - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

Fiction University: Overcoming False Starts on Your First Chapter

Writability: The Cycle of Writing

Why Your Character’s Childhood Dreams Matter

QueryTracker Blog: When the "Show, Don't Tell" police come knocking

Revision & Editing Tips

Ksenia Anske Books/Blog/Why take a long break between drafts

Author Platform Tips

Blogging Authors Should Ignore Blogging Rules

How to make business cards, bookmarks and other kickass author swag for your writing conference | Creativindie

Fiction Writers: A Simple Approach to Build a Better Email List

What Should You Put in Your Email Newsletter? | Jane Friedman

Book Marketing Tips

Fiction University: Finding Your Audience Part Two - Think Long Term & Build Relationships

A Beginner's Guide to the BookBub Ads Auction Model

Marketing Your (Self-Published) Novel: Five Books Reviewed | Aliventures

Publishing News & Tips

Motivation – 10x Thinking | Chris Fox Writes

Lessons From a Sixth-Book Place

Writing and Publishing: Facebook Live Q&A Replay June 2016 with Joanna Penn | The Creative Penn

What Does It Take to Be a Full Time Writer?

Taking the Audiobook Plunge? Read This First - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Do Ebook Preorders Work? Part 2

Pretentious Title: Guest Post: Loss Leaders, or How I learned to Stop Being Poor and Love the $0.99 Book

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