Monday Must-Reads [06.29.15]

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Writing and the Pomodoro Method / R.S. Mollison-Read

7 Big Rocks | Productivity | BigRocks | Time Management | You can design your life | Stephen Covey - YouTube

How I Wrote 150k Words Last Month | Stacy Claflin, Author

Four Tips To Make Your Transition From Solopreneur To Hiring a Small Team Go Smoothly (#26)

The Complete List of Creative Distractions and Defenses Against Them

Writing Tips & Inspiration

The Writer’s Knowledge Base: A Free and Valuable Resource for Writers — Bound and Determined

Anne R. Allen's Blog: 11 Tips For The Care And Feeding Of Your Muse: A Writer’s Guide

When and Why You’ll Want to Pay People to Help You Write — Aliventures

Writing About Guns: 10 Errors to Avoid in Your Novel

Fiction University: Do You Know Who Your Narrator Is?

Author, Jody Hedlund: 5 Ways Writers Get Lazy

5 Things I Learned While Publishing a Book About Mental Illness by Francesca Zappia

Writing a Book? How to Know When to Stop Editing and Move On

5 Free Online Resources to Help You Write Better | Wise, Ink.

10 Lessons I Learned While Writing My First Novel

How to take a break from writer's block | Men with Pens

Revision & Editing Tips

Hanne Arts: 10 Essentials for Proofreading Your Own Work

Writability: How to Polish Your WIP Before Sending

Author Platform Tips

Ten Most Important Things You Need to Know About Working With Twitter | Ellis Shuman

New Research: The Best Time to Tweet for Clicks, Retweets, and Replies

The Tweet That Always Gets a Reply - YouTube

Which Writers’ Conferences are the Best to Attend?

How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme For You

Reach Your Digital Mentor: Know their medium. Beat the crowd. - YouTube

Book Marketing Tips

BEA 2015: Ten Tools For Authors | Ink, Bits, & Pixels

5 book marketing insights that inspire us

The Email Marketing Trap Fiction Writers Must Avoid by Jason Kong — The Book Designer

Publishing News & Tips

How to Choose the Right Price for Your Book: Case Study | Fix My Story

Front and Back Matter in Books | Self-Publishing Advice for Writers

Ksenia Anske Books/Blog/Pricing your self-published books

Should Writers Incorporate? by Helen Sedwick — The Book Designer

SELF-e Gets Indie Books Into Library Catalogs - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Business Musings: Why I Love Taylor Swift | Kristine Kathryn Rusch

A True Story - The Wayfinder - Hugh C. Howey

Quitting Your Job to Freelance Full Time? 3 Tools to Take With You

New Book: How To Make A Living With Your Writing by Joanna Penn | The Creative Penn

Kindle Unlimited Is Changing Their Payment Structure and Why I Think That's Awesome

Q&A On Writing, Self Publishing And Book Marketing | The Creative Penn

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