Monday Must-Reads [06.27.16]

Productivity Tips

New Motivational Video: Deliberate Practice | Chris Fox Writes

To Create a Habit, Tell a Good Story : zen habits

Writability: On Taking Self-Care Days

Make time for MicroAdventures – Lemon and Raspberry | Amy Teegan

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Writing the First Chapter of a Novel Tips and Fixes

10 Fun Writing Ideas to Help You Get Creative This Summer

Emotional Wounds Thesaurus: A Family Member's Suicide - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

When You Don’t Want to Write

Pretentious Title: Writing Wednesday: Anatomy of a Scene

37 Questions to Ask Your Character

The Secret to Bringing Your Characters to Life

How to Create an Internal Mindset Conducive to Writing | Jane Friedman

Writing Tips: How To Banish Writer's Block With K.M.Weiland | The Creative Penn

Revision & Editing Tips

No links this week.

Author Platform Tips

Do You Write for Young Adults or Millenials? Then Try Snapchat - The Book Designer

53 Graphic Design Terms and Definitions for Non-Designers

Book Marketing Tips

Frictionless Marketing with Damon Courtney - The Self-Publishing Podcast

7 Book Marketing Goals You Can Accomplish With BookBub Ads

Five Tips to Beat the Self-Publishing Summer Sales Slump – JA Huss

Why Free is Still a Smart Marketing Strategy for Fiction Writers - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Publishing News & Tips

ISBNS - the Complete Lowdown for Indie Authors | Self-Publishing Author Advice from The Alliance of Independent Authors

Fiction University: Is KDP Select Right for You?

Business Musings: The Midlist Rules! – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

What’s the Best Print on Demand Service for Self-published Paperbacks? | Self-Publishing Author Advice from The Alliance of Independent Authors

Should You Self-Publish or Traditionally Publish? | Jane Friedman

Let’s Get Digital Is Free. Maybe Forever? | David Gaughran

What Should You Pay for When You Self-Publish a Novel? | Aliventures

e-Book Cover Design Awards, May 2016 - The Book Designer

Pretentious Title: Let's Talk Numbers: Why You Shouldn't Price Your Novel at $0.99

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