Monday Must-Reads [06.22.15]

I'm back! :) Your editions of Monday Must-Reads will now be resuming on a regular weekly basis. 

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Your “Snooze Proof” [5-Step] Wake-Up Strategy (Made Especially for the Snooze-aholics!) | "Yo Pal" Hal Elrod

How To Offload Your Writing Admin When You’re Still Getting Started (#25) | Prose on Fire

Writing When It's Difficult to Write - Elizabeth Spann Craig

From Chronic Snoozer to 5am Hustler - YouTube

The Beginner’s Guide to Freshbooks: How to Create an Invoice

Author, Jody Hedlund: 10 Ways Writer-Moms Can Gain More Writing Time

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Episode # 104 – Rachael Herron on Why Your First Draft Should Suck! [REBROADCAST] - Rocking Self Publishing

Author, Jody Hedlund: How to Keep Readers From Hating Your Characters

Fiction University: How to Know When You're Ready to Publish

Split Narratives: Dividing Your Story Between Two or More Narrators — Aliventures

Boost Your Creativity: 7 Ways to Be Insanely Creative on Demand | Write to Done

QueryTracker Blog: Getting Unstuck: The Krafton Method

36 Tips for Writing Just About Anything | Writing Forward

Russell Blake » Outlining made simple

Emotional Wounds Thesaurus: Suffering From A Learning Disability - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

How to Write a Story 101: Conflict

How to Love Writing Again | Men with Pens

Writability: Vlog: Young Adult vs. New Adult

The Writers Alley: Tips for Turning Off Your Internal Editor

Easier, Better Writing: Harnessing Inspiration and Motivation — Aliventures

How To Stage Your Home For Creativity | kristin nador writes anywhere

Fiction University: Talking on Empty: The Perils of Empty Dialog

Revision & Editing Tips

The Secret to Successful Self-Publishing: Becoming a Ferocious Self-Editor - Write Hacked

How to Find the Right Critique Group for You | Jane Friedman

Radical revision: blow up and rebuild your novel – BookBaby

Author Platform Tips

How to Build an Email List: Boost Your Homepage’s Conversion Rate

Top 5 Advantages of Instagram Marketing - YouTube

Your About Page: How To Make It Interesting - YouTube

Email Newsletters for Authors: Get Started Guide | Jane Friedman

Book Marketing Tips

Selling More Books with Autoresponders, List Segments, and Email (Self Publishing Podcast #161)

Publishing News & Tips

Pretentious Title: Writing Wednesdays: The Price of a Novel (It's Not What You Think!)

Pretentious Title: Let's Talk Numbers: Reader Retention Rates Across a Series

New: Pre-Orders on Apple iBooks Without “Assets” — The Book Designer

Fiction University: Can We Know Too Much About the Publishing Industry?

Fiction University: Creating an Author Business Plan: Our Competitive Analysis

New KU Payout Structure | Hugh Howey

My Experience Working with Amazon Publishing | Jane Friedman

The Writers Alley: Amazon Rankings - What Do They Mean and Who Really Cares Anyway?

Fiction University: How Much is a Book Worth?

e-Book Cover Design Awards, May 2015 — The Book Designer

Middle Grade Self-Pubbing Success | Hugh Howey

Gatekeepers for Indie Publishing | Hugh Howey

How This Self-Published Author Made $450,000: Part 2

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