Monday Must-Reads [05/19/14]

Welcome to this week's edition of Monday Must-Reads. Hope you enjoy and share!

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

The Illusions of Money, Power, and Fame | Goins, Writer

The Writers Alley: HELP! My family hates when I write....

 Small--But Vital--Tasks for Off Days: #4 is the Worst

What Jiro Dreams of Sushi means for writers | Nathan Bransford, Author

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Talents and Skills Thesaurus Entry: Self Defense | WRITERS HELPING WRITERS

Writability: Plot Essentials: The Darkest Hour

The Moment In Your Story That Changes Everything

How to Start Writing When You Won’t Start Writing

The Pros and Cons of Plotters and Pantsers

Fiction University: On the Road at Now Novel: An Easy Exercise for Coming Up With Novel Ideas

Series—Keeping Things Fresh Without Alarming Readers | Elizabeth Spann Craig

4 Great Reasons Why Your Hero Needs A Special Skill or Talent | WRITERS HELPING WRITERS

Author, Jody Hedlund: The Why's, When's, and What-Not's for Opening a Story

In Fiction, Nothing Is Forbidden, Everything Is Permitted « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Scene: Fast or Fast-Paced?

Fiction University: Prologues: Not as Evil as You Think

Here’s How Bestselling Author CJ Lyons Writes - Copyblogger

When Choosing Themes, Write What You Don’t Know

Writability: So You Want to Write YA Sci-Fi?

Revision & Editing Tips

Feedback: What a Critique Group can Do for Your Story--And It's MORE than You think!

Author Platform Tips

Anne R. Allen's Blog: Tweet THIS, Not That! 12 Things Not to do on Twitter

Getting Our Work Out There (A Look at Wattpad) | Elizabeth Spann Craig

Do You Need to Rethink Your Author Website's Key Elements?

Facebook Ads: Should Indie Authors Buy Them? by Frances Caballo — The Book Designer

The Writers Alley: How Fast Should My Blog Grow with Edie Melson

Book Marketing Tips

Using SlideShare For Marketing Fiction And Non-Fiction Books | The Creative Penn

How to Launch Without a Rocket Engine or Jet Fuel (or blood, sweat, and tears)

How To Market Your Writing To Sell More Books | Write to Done

Publishing News & Tips

Writer Unboxed » So You’re Going to a Writers Conference

Being Forced to Sit in the Backlist | Hugh Howey

Killing the Top Ten Sacred Cows of Indie Publishing… #4: You Need An Agent to Sell Overseas |

A Warts-and-All Guide to Kickstarter: What Works and What Doesn't (Plus Where We Royally Screwed Up) - Copyblogger

Fiction University: Is Your Indie Book Violating Copyright Laws?

Waiting to Be Published? That's a Stupid Strategy | Goins, Writer

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Time to Reform Copyright

A Quaint System for Publishing | Hugh Howey

Stuff Does Not Sell Itself: An Interview with Guy Kawasaki | Goins, Writer

The Next Author Earnings Report | Hugh Howey

Amazon and Hachette Go to War | Hugh Howey

Money, Writing And Life With Jane Friedman | The Creative Penn

How To Increase Piracy | David Gaughran

e-Book Cover Design Awards, April 2014 — The Book Designer

Russell Blake » 10 Things I Wish I’d Been Told