Monday Must-Reads [05/05/14]

Welcome to this week's edition of Monday Must-Reads. Hope you enjoy and share!

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

What Really Happens When You Start Over | Goins, Writer

Author, Jody Hedlund: How to Cheat to Find More Work Time

The world's most beautiful bookstores and libraries - BookBaby Blog

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Five Common Problems I See In Your Stories « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Is Your Protagonist a Thinker or a Feeler?

Susan Kaye Quinn, Speculative Fiction Author: Guest Post: Short Story Writing for Novelists by Simon Kewin

The Captain Jack Sparrow Method for First Drafts

When Story Goes Wrong: My Amber-Induced Rage | Catherine, Caffeinated

Fiction University: Five Ways to Create Likable Characters

Fiction University: Timely or Trendy? Better to Follow Your Heart

Fiction University: Why Quieter Stakes Are Easier to Plot With

The Writers Alley: A Tangled Plot Structure

Anne R. Allen's Blog: How To Write For the 21st Century Reader: 6 Tips to Modernize Your Prose

Writer Unboxed » Plotting, Pacing, and Crossing Over

Fiction University: Diving in the Deep End: Strengthening Your Plots

Character Talents and Skills: Fishing | WRITERS HELPING WRITERS

Top 5 Reasons You’re Not a Good Writer

Resist the Culture of Idolatry in Writing and Literature

How to finish your novel: top professional tips – guest video at The Write Life | Nail Your Novel

On the danger of outlining — Ksenia Anske

Your Story's Most Important Moment (Don't Mess This One Up)

What Killed It For Me #8: Personal Preferences | WRITERS HELPING WRITERS

Susan Kaye Quinn, Speculative Fiction Author: Guest Post: Trust Your Process by Dianne Salerni

QueryTracker Blog: Choosing a Point of View Character

Revision & Editing Tips

No links this week.

Author Platform Tips

Writability: How to Create Twitter-sized Bites

7 Things Your Fiction Fans Want to Hear You Say by Jason Kong — The Book Designer

Book Marketing Tips

About ‘Marketing to Writers’ | Elizabeth Spann Craig

Newsletters as Promo | Elizabeth Spann Craig

Publishing News & Tips

Goals vs. Dreams | Hugh Howey

On diversity in books — Ksenia Anske

Self-Publishing Answers Podcast: Episode 6 – Write Another Book - LiveHacked

Learn Scrivener Fast Training Now Available (Plus Freebies) — The Book Designer

Thoughts on Reader Reviews | Elizabeth Spann Craig

Audiobooks: Tips For Distribution With ACX And Marketing Audiobooks | The Creative Penn

Fiction University: Three Quick Tips to Help Your Print Books Look Professional

Can publishers change from funnels to megaphones? | Nathan Bransford, Author

Smashwords: Indie Author Manifesto