Monday Must-Reads [04.13.15]

Tons of really great productivity tips this week! Check out how to stay healthy with the Five Tibetans and see how Asana can help you manage your writing projects! I'll be writing a post soon on how I'm incorporating Asana into my system :)

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

The Five Tibetans | Hugh Howey

Why You’re Not Writing

10 Simple Things You Can Do to Be More Productive as a Writer

Organize Your Day For Maximum Writing Productivity | kristin nador writes anywhere

10 Reasons We Switched to Asana For Our Project Management Needs - Sterling & Stone

Want To Spend More Time On Your Writing And Tired Of Doing It All? A Virtual Assistant Can Help | The Creative Penn

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Counting Words « terribleminds: chuck wendig

How do you stay motivated? BookBaby Blog

Fiction University: Cover Me, I'm Going Back: Tips on Writing Flashbacks

Pretentious Title: Where to Start Your Story

Fiction University: The Unique Challenges of Writing an “Issue Book”

Getting into the Head of a Character Who Is Completely Different from You - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

Fiction University: Study the Pros: Map Your Favorite Novel

Revision & Editing Tips

Are You a Grammar Ninja? Take this Grammar Quiz

Managing the Beta Reading Process by Corina Koch MacLeod and Carla Douglas — The Book Designer

Author Platform Tips

"What should I send to my author e-mail list?" - Build Book Buzz

Anne R. Allen's Blog: Ten Reasons for Authors to Blog

Book Marketing Tips

Building Your Own Bookbub with Mark Dawson (Self Publishing Podcast #152) - Sterling & Stone

Publishing News & Tips

Book Titles That Sell, Productivity For Authors And Marketing For Introverts With Tim Grahl | The Creative Penn

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: The Path to Success

Indie authors: are you making these mistakes with your print books? How to look professional on the page | Nail Your Novel

Business Musings: The Freelance Scramble | Kristine Kathryn Rusch

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