Monday Must-Reads [03.16.15]

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

When You Don’t Feel Like Writing…

How to Make a New Habit Stick - Michael Hyatt

Episode #90 - The Business of Writing with Steve Scott - Rocking Self Publishing

Business Musings: The Importance of Routines | Kristine Kathryn Rusch

There Are Only Two Kinds of Books

Would you take money or an award? | Nathan Bransford, Author

Why Everyone Needs a Cat Nap—Especially Writers

Writing Tips & Inspiration

10 things I learned while writing my last book

Tips When Writing Multiple POV Novels - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

Writability: It Doesn’t Matter When You Start

What's So Good About Talents and Skills? - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

How to Become a Writer | Writing Forward

How to Build a Compelling Novel Concept | Jane Friedman

Cheering on Smart Characters | NA Alley

Revision & Editing Tips

Fiction University: Day Nine: Tighten the Character Descriptions

Fiction University: Day Ten: Balance the Backstory

The Complete Guide to Italicization

How To Make The Most Out Of A Writing Critique: Ten Tips « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Fiction University: Day Eleven: Focus the Point of View

Fiction University: Day Twelve: Clarify the Theme

Fiction University: Day Thirteen: Deepen the World Building and Setting

Fiction University: Day Fourteen: Eliminate Unnecessary Infodumps

Fiction University: Day Fifteen: Clean Up the Description and Stage Direction

Author Platform Tips

Introduction to the Realm & Sands and Sterling & Stone email autoresponder projects - Sterling & Stone

How to Start a Blog - For Beginner's with Pictures

Writer Unboxed » Should You Be Blogging? Eight Searching Questions to Help You Decide

Book Marketing Tips

Newsletter Signups and International Readers - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Publishing News & Tips

How to Muffle Your Muse (And Actually Sell Some Books) - Sterling & Stone

Marketing Your Series: a Plan for a Solid Launch and Sales for Years to Come | Lindsay Buroker

The Publishing Step You’ve Probably Forgotten

Ksenia Anske Books/Blog/How to keep writing when money is scarce

Creativity And Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned By My 40th Birthday | The Creative Penn

Should You Write Under a Pen Name? And How To Market It If You Do - Sterling & Stone

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