Monday Must-Reads [03.09.15]

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Healthiest Way to Work: Standing vs. Sitting and Everything Between

How-to make your iPhone Dimmer than Dim — Medium

Productivity Tips for the Scattered Writer - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Reading among teenagers is declining (infographic)

The Three Biggest Surprises When Starting (or Attempting) a Daily Writing Habit - Sterling & Stone

The Ideal Schedule to Become a More Productive Writer

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Stephen King's "Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully – in Ten Minutes"


Fiction University: Ideas and Brainstorming

4 Secrets from Taylor Swift on Writing a Book

3 Ways to Get Your Next Story Idea

Why we write (in GIF form) | Nathan Bransford, Author

The Toxicity Of Talent (Or: Did You Roll A Natural 20 At Birth?) « terribleminds: chuck wendig

From 101 Creative Writing Exercises: What's Your Superpower? | Writing Forward

The Writers Alley: How I Know I'll Always Be a Romance Writer

Vulnerability: The Key to Compelling Romantic Relationships - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

How to Write a Novel: A Simple Process for Beating Writer’s Block

Revision & Editing Tips

Writability: How Not to Get Overwhelmed with Revisions

Whose Story Is It? Self-Editing for Point of View by Rachel E. Newman — The Book Designer

Fiction University: Day Two: Analyze the Character Arcs

Fiction University: Day Three: Analyze the Scene Structure

Fiction University: Day Four: Clarify the Goals and Motivations

Fiction University: Day Five: Clarify the Conflict and Tension

Fiction University: Day Six: Clarify the Stakes and Consequences

Fiction University: Day Seven: Focus the Narrative Drive

Fiction University: Day Eight: Flesh Out the Character Development

Author Platform Tips

The So What? Test

How To Make An Author Video | Molly Greene: Writer

3 Types of Bios That Every Online Professional Needs | Jane Friedman

Instagram as a Journaling Tool

Book Marketing Tips

Fiction University: Book Giveaway Promos Compared: Goodreads, Rafflecopter, and the New Amazon Giveaway

Marketing Vs Sales With Jim Kukral | The Creative Penn

Why Most Book Trailers Are Awful & How Yours Can Be Different

Amazon Advertising Services for Indie Authors, Yea or Nay? | Lindsay Buroker

Publishing News & Tips

Business Musings: Getting By | Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Selling on Apple, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble (Self Publishing Podcast #147) - Sterling & Stone

The Business of Self-Publishing Children's Picture Books: Two Literary Agents Weigh In | Jane Friedman

Barnes & Noble’s Dirty Little Secret: Author Solutions and Nook Press | David Gaughran

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