Monday Must-Reads [02.09.15]

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

How to Squeeze More Time to Read Into Your Day

How Evernote can Help you Achieve Your Goals in 2015 - Evernote Blog

Fiction University: Battling Distractions While Writing (a.k.a How I wrote a book with ADHD and tips to… look a squirrel!)

QueryTracker Blog: Writer Productivity Tip: StayFocusd

How to Write a Novel, 15 Minutes at a Time

QueryTracker Blog: Writer Productivity Tip: Simplify Life

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Writers: 10 Romantic Options

Writer Unboxed » Monotasking: The Forgotten Skill You (and I) Need to Re-Claim, ASAP

The Secret to Having the Most Productive Writing Year Ever

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Writability: What Your First 250 is Telling Your Readers

Yanking Readers Out of a Story - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Writability: On How I Plot a WIP

Beth Revis: Work on Your Novel in the Blue Ridge Mountains with 2 Authors to Help You

Fiction University: Picture Book Plotting 101

Fiction Writing Exercises: Change the Tail | Writing Forward

5 Writers Quotes To Keep You Inspired Until Spring

How to Tell if Back Story is Sabotaging Your Novel

Writability: Confessions of a Binge Writer

Revision & Editing Tips

Fiction University: How to Slash Your Word Count by 20-40% – and tighten your story without losing any of the good stuff!

40 Places to Find a Critique Partner Who Will Help You Improve Your Writing

Fiction University: At-Home Workshop: Revise Your Novel in 31 Days

Fiction University: Prepping for the March Revision Workshop

The Writers Alley: Fast Drafting...Edits?

How to Stay Popular in a Writers Group

Author Platform Tips

Time To Sort Out Your Author Website? | The Creative Penn

Author, Jody Hedlund: Do Writers REALLY Need to Use Social Media Anymore?

Episode # 85 - Using KingSumo to Build Your Email List with J Thorn - Rocking Self Publishing

Book Marketing Tips

What Readers Really Want, with Matt from Buck Books (Self Publishing Podcast #143) - Sterling & Stone

Why Most Authors Get Book Launches Wrong & What We Can Learn from This

Writer Unboxed » How To Create A Promotion Plan “Story”

Authorgraph – Sign eBooks for your Readers! | Indies Unlimited

6 Lessons Learned Between Books 4 & 5 | Molly Greene: Writer

Publishing News & Tips

How to Get a Custom Book Cover for $5 Using Fiverr by JP Medved | Lindsay Buroker

Amazon Earnings for Self-Published Authors are Growing, Report Says

Why Authors Walk Away From Big 5 Publishers

Business Musings: Following The Crowd | Kristine Kathryn Rusch

How long should my book be? (Standard word-counts by genre)

Harper Lee to publish a new novel | Nathan Bransford, Author

10 Tips for Aspiring Authorpreneurs — The Book Designer

Reader Privacy vs. Data Collection and Other Thoughts - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Recommended Books For Writing, Self-Publishing, Book Marketing And Creative Entrepreneurship | The Creative Penn

On The Subject Of: Trigger Warnings « terribleminds: chuck wendig

11 Things You Don’t Know About Bargain Ebook Buyers - BookBub Unbound

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