Monday Must-Reads [02.02.15]

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Tax Bracket Calculator - TaxACT

My Journey in Creative Writing: Two Things

Regaining Confidence in a Project - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Susan Kaye Quinn, Speculative Fiction Author: Tips for Authors (To Make Your Life Better)

Productivity For Writers: 5 Ways To Become More Productive in 2015 | The Creative Penn

Writing Humor, Writing Quickly, Well-Rounded Characters and Other Reader Questions Answered | Lindsay Buroker

Staying Healthy as a Freelance Writer: 9 Important Self-Care Strategies

Writer Unboxed » Not Writing

The Totally Boring Process of Writing a Book

Behind The Scenes In My Writing Life Featuring The Swiss Ball And My Brompton Bicycle | The Creative Penn

Writing Tips & Inspiration

QueryTracker Blog: Just Do It!

The Story Grid. How To Tell A Story And Edit Your Fiction With Shawn Coyne | The Creative Penn

7 Tools To Help You Write a Novel (+ a free ebook)

How to stay alive | Austin Kleon

Welcome to F*** Yeah Character Development

THE FIVE TYPES OF TWIST ENDING - ALEC WORLEY: Comics, fiction, films an' that

Revision & Editing Tips

Writability: Discussion: When Do You Send Your WIP to CPs?

Fiction University: Red Ink In the Trenches: A Copyeditor’s Perspective

Writer Unboxed » Editing, Uhh! What Is It Good For?

Author Platform Tips

Susan Kaye Quinn, Speculative Fiction Author: How I Use Pinterest and Tumblr As An Author

Writability: How to Build an Online Platform: tumblr

19 Quick Ways to Grow Your Author Following on Social Media

Book Marketing Tips

3 Reasons to Bundle the Early Books in Your Series | Lindsay Buroker

How To Win Sales And Influence Algorithms | David Gaughran

The Strategic Use of Book Giveaways | Jane Friedman

Ksenia Anske Books/Blog/How I launch my books: I DON'T

Pivot Post Update | M. Louisa Locke

Publishing News & Tips

Round Up: Audiobook Release, BookBub in Canada & Amazon Launches Ad Service | David Gaughran

Tax Tips for Writers Who Hate Math by Helen Sedwick — The Book Designer

11 Things to Do Before You Start Making Money Online

Episode # 84 - Are Serials Alive and Well? With C.C. Wall - Rocking Self Publishing

The Cost of Self Publishing?

The January Author Earnings Report | Hugh Howey

How to Use Amazon Instead of Amazon Using You (Self Publishing Podcast #142) - Sterling & Stone

Sarah Bray: Earning a Living as a Creative Professional with 1,000 True Fans

Calculating the ROI (return on investment) of Why I Am Writing a Book

Author, Jody Hedlund: How to Handle Bad Book Reviews

On The Subject Of Awards « terribleminds: chuck wendig

How Are You Going To Succeed As a Writer? |

2014 Winners of the Monthly E-Book Cover Design Awards — The Book Designer

Working With a Cover Designer: Time-Saving Techniques - Elizabeth Spann Craig

7 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Posts | Social Media Examiner

Indie Authors Quitting Their Day Jobs – 2015 | The Passive Voice | A Lawyer's Thoughts on Authors, Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing

Hearing Is Believing -

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