Monday Must-Reads [01.30.17]

Productivity Tips

Resilience: the Key to Reaching Your Writing Goals

Using Scrivener with Story Genius

Process: Finishing One Book While Starting Another - Elizabeth Spann Craig

4 Counter-Intuitive Benefits of Scheduling Your Writing Time | WTD

15 Ideas for Getting Work Done While Your Littles are Awake - Brilliant Business Moms

Dealing With Anxiety - Sterling & Stone

Become a Better Storyteller… Write Faster

How to Write a Book: 10 Ridiculously Simple Steps

Excuses and the Fine Art of Self Sabotage

9 Cheap Ways to Refresh Your Writing Space for Maximum Inspiration

Writing Tips & Inspiration

How to Research Your Genre to Write Better Stories - The Write Practice

Story Genius on Backstory | Writers In The Storm

Your Muse's Secret Identity - The Write Practice

When the Stories Have All Stopped | Writers In The Storm

Monsters Should Be Fun - Sterling & Stone

The Stages of Writing | David W. Wright

Fiction University: How to Write First-Person Internalization

Revision & Editing Tips

Editing Tips: Top 3 Story Issues — Guest: Naomi Hughes | Jami Gold, Paranormal Author

Editorially Speaking: How to Find a Book Editor You Can Trust

Author Platform Tips

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Book Marketing Tips

How Can I Change From Free to Paid? - Sterling & Stone

Planning the Perfect Release Marketing Tip Monday Part 3 – JA Huss

Publishing News & Tips

Fiction University: "Going Wide" - Part 3: Getting Your Books into Libraries

Business Musings: The Data Divide – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

What Is Possible?

3 Tiny Shifts That Made a Huge Difference in My Business - The Smart Passive Income Blog

e-Book Cover Design Awards, December 2016 - The Book Designer