Monday Must-Reads [01.23.17]

Productivity Tips

Writability: Self-Care When Life is Exhausting

What I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Zen Habits : zen habits

How One Writer Finished Her Book - The Write Practice

Writing Tips & Inspiration

How to Write Great Characters – Chris Fox Writes

Fiction University: Writing Great Endings -- And Not Just the Big One

Worldbuilding Resources for Historical Fiction Writers

Fiction University: The Triangle of Likability: How to Make Your Characters Come Alive

Need Story Ideas? This 5-Step Process Works Every Time

How To Research Your Novel ... And When To Stop | The Creative Penn

What Bad Writing Looks Like … and How to Fix It [With Detailed Examples] | Aliventures

Fiction University: How to Find Your Character's Voice

What Will Help Me Write a Book? 7 Steps | Now Novel

Revision & Editing Tips

What to Expect From Beta Readers And Where to Find Them

Help! What If I Can’t Find Beta Readers? | Jami Gold, Paranormal Author

Writability: Vlog: How Do You Know When You're Done Revising?

Author Platform Tips

No links this week.

Book Marketing Tips

7 Top Book Marketing Tips from DBW 2017

How To Do Goodreads Giveaways (And Why You Should) – CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD

Fiction University: Free Books: The Dilemma

Planning the Perfect Release Marketing Tip Monday Part 2 – JA Huss

Publishing News & Tips

Another Go at Pre-Orders - Elizabeth Spann Craig

Streamlining Your Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Process to Become a More Profitable Author | Lindsay Buroker

Business Musings: 2016 Disappointments – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The ‘Getting Published’ Advice I Wish I’d Listened To – CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD

Q&A with Pronoun: An Increasingly Competitive Ebook Distributor | Jane Friedman