Monday Must-Reads [01.09.16]

Productivity Tips

Why Do You Procrastinate? (New Research) | WTD

Managing Time as a Writer | Writers In The Storm

Are Goals Worthless? – Chris Fox Writes

Why New Years Resolutions Suck - Sterling & Stone

Filter Out the Noise : zen habits

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2017 Goals: What’s Next?

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One Little Word 2017: SHINE – Lemon and Raspberry | Amy Teegan

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Writing Tips & Inspiration

How to Start a Story: 9 Tips From Our Editors • Reedsy Blog

11 Reasons You Need to Write a Book NOW - The Write Practice

Fiction University: How to Build a World (and Why): An Evolutionary Approach

Call a Relative and Listen to Their Stories - Sterling & Stone

Tips for Weaving Romance into Your Novel – WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

How to Write Like Stephen King - The Write Practice

Revision & Editng Tips

No links this week.

Author Platform Tips

How to do a newsletter swap to reach more readers (and sell more books) | Creativindie

How to Use Instagram As An Author Plus 10 Ways to Grow Your Account Organically | The Creative Penn

Book Marketing Tips

Using Amazon KDP Ads to Sell Your Ebook on Amazon | Jane Friedman

Publishing News & Tips

2017 New Year’s Goals & Resolutions + 2016 Wrap-up | Creativindie

Looking Back at 2016: Important Publishing Developments Authors Should Know | Jane Friedman

Business Musings: All Romance Ebooks & Visions of The Future: Part One – Kristine Kathryn Rusch