How to Win Your Day, Be Happier, & More Productive

In today's video, I discuss how I start my days out so that they feel like a win. 

It all starts with your morning routine.

I discuss:

  • why a morning routine is the key to winning your day
  • how to set up your morning routine
  • how a morning routine has made a huge difference in my life and business
  • how to go from frazzled and stressed in the mornings to starting the day on your terms (and become way more productive)
  • 6 things you can include in your morning routine so that you focus on self-care and setting the right tone for your day
  • why this will work for everyone, even night owls and people who "just aren't morning people." Former night owl here :) 
  • why I won't go back to late nights
  • how to get started
  • my recommended book on sleep, especially if you're having trouble getting good sleep and understanding why it's essential for productivity, losing weight, and more
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