Friday Features #54 [4/22-4/30/13]

Welcome to yet another edition of Friday Features, bringing you the latest and most helpful tips for writers. Hope you enjoy and share! 

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Writer Unboxed » Funny Oxymorons for Writers

How to Stop Getting Paralyzed & Start Making Better Decisions | Goins, Writer

How to Be More Productive By Limiting Open Browser Tabs - Blogging with Amy

The Secret to Becoming a Prolific Writer • Ryan Casey

Do You Know These Time Saving Blogging Tips? : @ProBlogger

Writers and Journals--and Online Journaling | Mystery Writing is Murder

Writer’s Tools: Moving Up From the iPad to a MacBookAir — The Book Designer

C. Hope Clark: Caution: May be Habit Forming

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Start Write Here | Smudged But Legible

25 Humpalicious Steps for Writing Your First Sex Scene, By Delilah S. Dawson (Author Of Wicked As She Wants) « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Nick's Writing Blog: Two Great Free E-Books for Writers!

Ghost Novel: The Day After | Dean Wesley Smith

The 7 Types of Plots: Rags to Riches | The Write Practice

The Other Side of the Story: Guest Author Delilah S. Dawson 10 Steps to Writing a Novella

I Quit! WG2E

The Other Side of the Story: Handling Scene Transitions With Multiple POVs

Ghost Novel: Day 10 | Dean Wesley Smith

Writability: Weird Writing Trends: Sexy Stalkers?

Building fictional characters and making them real | Novel Girl

Building a bridge between literary and genre fiction | EM Castellan

How To Cure Writer’s Block Using Photos | Procrastinating Writers

25 Things Writers Should Know About Traveling « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Using Beats to Bring Your Dialogue to Life: Turn the Beat Around - BookBaby Blog

Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors: Recognizing Lazy Writing Habits

Urban Inspiration: Discovering the Muse in Your City | Writing Forward

The Other Side of the Story: The Problem With "Revealing" Information That's Already in the Cover Copy

Why Writing Has Made Me An Emotional Wreck | The Creative Penn

Writer Unboxed » What Novelists Should Know About Short Fiction

The Difference Between Writers and Wanna-Bes | The Write Practice

The Bookshelf Muse: A Big Thank You & Today's Physical Attributes Entry

What Having a Baby Taught Me About Writing | The Write Practice

Here’s How Jeff Goins Writes | Copyblogger

Author, Jody Hedlund: The Top 7 Reasons Why I Stop Reading a Novel

The Admonition Of Ass-In-Chair, Or, “How Writing Is Actually Work” « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Ghost Novel: Day 9 | Dean Wesley Smith

Ghost Novel: Day 8 | Dean Wesley Smith

Ghost Novel: Day 7 | Dean Wesley Smith

Ghost Novel: Day 6 | Dean Wesley Smith

Ghost Novel: Day 5 | Dean Wesley Smith

Ghost Novel: Day 4 | Dean Wesley Smith

10 Shortcuts To Defeating Writing Procrastination In Record Time | kristin nador writes anywhere

How to Survive Your Worst Writing Day Ever « Courage 2 Create

Use Your Dreams To Be Endlessly Creative | Write to Done

The Writers Alley: C.O.R.E. of a Hero

In Order to Write, Writers Have to Live | Nathan Bransford, Author

The Other Side of the Story: Are You Choosing the Best Words to Describe Your Setting?

Writer Unboxed » What NOT to Do When Beginning Your Novel: Advice from Literary Agents

Writability: How to Write Romance Well

Ruth Harris Reports #16: Block Busters (as in Writer’s Block) – Part Two | WG2E

X-Factor That Sells Books | Moody Writing

Writer's Waning Willpower } Moody Writing

Unified Theory Of Writing | Moody Writing

Diary of a Novel: Day Five • Ryan Casey

Diary of a Novel: Day Four • Ryan Casey

Diary of a Novel: Day Three • Ryan Casey

Diary of a Novel: Day One & Two • Ryan Casey

Revision & Editing Tips

How To Self-Edit Your Novel | Fantasy Scroll

Author, Jody Hedlund: 5 Tips For Finding a Competent & Compatible Critique Partner

Tough Critter– Five tips to being a good Beta Reader | ALLIE B BOOKS

Author Platform Tips

An Indie Author Needs A Blog | Mojano

11 Author Website Must Have Elements | Your Writer Platform

The Loneliest Planet by Randy Ross: Quick, Dirty Twitter Tips for Writers

Guest Post: Authors and the Art of Self-Promotion | Wise Ink

The Writers Alley: TOP 10 Ideas for Wordlessness

How to Merge Facebook Pages - Blogging with Amy

Writability: How (Not) to Write a Blog Post

Beth Revis: Why Are You Blogging?

7 Tips for Busy Bloggers on Finding Time to Blog : @ProBlogger

The Myth About Introverts & Extroverts–Could You Be an Ambivert? | Kristen Lamb's Blog

Estrangement in the Social Media Era | Nathan Bransford, Author

2 Strategic and Compelling Reasons to Keep Blogging by Dan Blank

Book Marketing Tips

Book Promotion Tips for Twitter: Tweeting a Book from the Inside Out | The BookBaby Blog

Amazon KDP Select for eBook Promotion, Yea or Nay? | Lindsay Buroker

8-Step Plan for Landing Book Promotion Endorsements - The Savvy Book Marketer

Do video book trailers work, and how do you make one? | Rachel Abbott – Writer

Book Marketing Is Also Murder | Mystery Writing is Murder

The Book Marketing Strategy Every Author Must Implement | Author Media

Promote Your Book Launch Party with Customized Refreshments

Ebook Marketing: What Works and What Doesn't? Part 1 • Ryan Casey

How Do You Keep Your Book Sales Momentum Going Over the Months and Years? | Lindsay Buroker

5 Ways Authors Can Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool - Rachelle Gardner

The Book Marketing Snowball - The Savvy Book Marketer

Book Marketing: Creating Your Author Press Kit | The Creative Penn

The Bookshelf Muse: Book Reviews Matter: Thank You For Taking The Time

10 Book Club Tips: Guest Post By Dina Santorelli | Mystery Writing is Murder

Publishing News & Tips

Tracking Book Sales | BiblioCrunch

Your Cover is Killing Your Book | August Wainwright

How I Formatted my Kindle Ebook using Dreamweaver - Rinelle Grey

Book Design: Pages or Spreads? — The Book Designer

3 Things You Need for a Successful Book - Rachelle Gardner

Lazy Literary Agents In Self-Publishing Money Grab via Argo Navis | David Gaughran

Attorney Laura Kirwan on Contracts, Copyright, Foreign Rights, and Other Author Issues | Lindsay Buroker

Indie Author: Amazon's Ebook Returns Policy Is A GOOD Thing. Here's Why.

What The Hell Is A “Hybrid” Author, Anyway? « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: Everything I Know in One Post (Plus Zachary Quinto)

Updates on ACX Audiobooks and a New RSS Reader | Mystery Writing is Murder

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Konrath on Patterson

Ebooks Up 41% to $1.54 Billion in 2012 | Publish Your Own Ebooks

“It’s Not You, It’s Me” | Teens Can Write, Too!

How Much Attention Should You Pay to Book Design?

A Visit From The Book Designer (and Good News for Self-Publishers!) | Catherine, Caffeinated

The Benefits of Having an Agent - Rachelle Gardner

Indie Authors Take Note: Prestigious UK Folio Prize Is Open To Self-Publishers. | Successful Self-Publishing. The Alliance of Independent Authors's Blog.

How to Tell If a Writing Contest Is Legit | The BookBaby Blog

Author, Jody Hedlund: Why Writers Shouldn't Rush Into Publication

The Writers Alley: Your Self-Supporting Hobby: Some Resources for Freelance Writing

How to Crowd-Fund Your Next Publishing Project - BookBaby Blog

Writer Unboxed » The New Era of Self-Publishing

QueryTracker Blog: Agent Stalking

Book Layout Made Easy with a Professionally Designed Word Template [Guest Post] — Self Publishing Team