Friday Features #5

Research/Inspiration Writing A Novel In a Place You've Never Been To? By Naomi Rawlings at The Writer's Alley

Dedicating Merit by Seth Godin at Seth Godin's Blog

Overcoming the Fear of Failure: You Can Beat the Odds to Find Happiness (Life-Changing Moments Series by Susan Craig at My Name Is Not Bob

Writing Advice

What is a Writer Anyway? Time to Change What It Means to be a Writer by Robert Lee Brewer at My Name Is Not Bob

Hunger Games 3 – A Slippery First Plot Point by Larry Brooks at StoryFix

7 Tricks to Write More With Less Willpower by Joe Bunting at The Write Practice

Dare to Suck by Keith Cronin at Writer Unboxed

Storytelling: Is Knowing Craft Really Necessary? By Mooderino at Moody Writing

Before Fingers Touch Keyboard: My 6 Pre-Writing Steps by Roni Lauren at Roni Lauren

Write Smarter, Not Harder by Tonya Kappes at World Literary Cafe

Mapping Out Your Story by Gabriela Pereira at DIY MFA

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do by Timothy McSweeney at Timothy McSweeney

Three Times You Should Use a Comma by Liz Bureman at The Write Practice

Weeding Your Manuscript: Editing When Your Head is Spinning by Julia at The Writer's Alley

5 Tips For Writing a Novel/Memoir Synopsis by Chuck Sambuchino at Writer Unboxed

The Benefits of Fake Deadlines by Julie Musil at Julie Musil

Hunger Games 4 – From Concept to Compulsion by Larry Brooks at StoryFix

Do You Listen to Music While Writing? By Ava Jae at Writability

The Trick to Keeping the Big Picture in Mind While Working Out All the Details by Stephen Watkins at Courage 2 Create

The Four Types of Dramatic Tension – Part One by Karen Schravemade at The Writer's Alley

Pacing for Pleasure: Where Are the Experienced Writers? By Diane Carlisle at Are We There Yet?

7 Bad Habits of Successful Authors by Rachelle Gardner at Rachelle Gardner

Writers: Undisciplined Need Not Apply by Ava Jae at Writability

Hunger Games 5 – Examining the Part 1 Set Up Scenes by Larry Brooks at StoryFix

In the Eyes of the Beholder by C. Hope Clark at C. Hope Clark

Building Your Author Platform

Do You Need This Conference? By C. Hope Clark at C. Hope Clark

9 Steps To Take When You Loathe Your Own Blog by Ryan Barton at ProBlogger

Self-Published Authors: What Can Social Media Really Do For You? By Mayowa at Pens With Cojones

Where To Find Your First Readers by Catherine Ryan Howard at Catherine, Caffeinated

What Does Your Author Bio Really Say About You? At Wise, Ink

Launching Your Book Online by Catherine Ryan Howard at Catherine, Caffeinated

Author Blogging 101: Finding Time for Blogging by Joel Friedlander at The Book Designer

Preventing Writer's Cramp, Or, Control Your Social Media So It Doesn't Control You by Elizabeth S. Craig at Jungle Red Writers

Know Your Reader, Know Your Market by Cindy R. Wilson at The Writer's Alley

4 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Book Marketing Efforts by Jane Friedman at Jane Friedman

Create a Great Author Tagline by Jean Oram at Jean Oram


10 Signs You've Hired The Wrong Editor For Your Book at Wise, Ink

The Best Informational Resources on E-Publishing by Jane Friedman at Jane Friedman

My Not So Scientific Theory of How to Sell Self-Pubbed Books by Catherine Ryan Howard at Catherine, Caffeinated

Are Agents Still Necessary? By Chris Meadows at Teleread

Big Six Publishing is Dead, Welcome the Massive Three by Kristen Lamb at Warrior Writers

Pikes Peak Writers Conference 5 – eBook Best Practices by Terry Odell at Terry Odell

Indie or Traditional Publishing? Don't Take Sides: Take Your Time by Anne R. Allen at Anne R. Allen's Blog

Keep Money In Its Place by Rachelle Gardner at Rachelle Gardner

How To Sell Your Manuscript Without An Agent by Diane Kelly at Writer's Digest

The Truth About the Price of Ebooks by Mooderino at Moody Writing

The Golden Promise You Should Make to Your Book at Wise, Ink