Friday Features #47

Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Features! Tons of great stuff. Hope you enjoy and share! 

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Author, Jody Hedlund: Reading Classics: Boring or Beneficial?

How To Get Work « Courage 2 Create

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Write a Novel This Spring with NaNoWriMo « GalleyCat

The Bookshelf Muse: Physical Attribute Entry: Hair

“Side Effects” (deconstruction #3): The Story Milestones… and Beat Sheet | Storyfix

The Perfectly Balanced Story | Moody Writing

QueryTracker Blog: Title Match: Fighting to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

How to Bake a Cake–or a Story « Speaking to the Eyes

Writer Unboxed » Rich Relationships

The Other Side of the Story: Why Some Books Are Harder to Write Than Others

We Grow Media – Dan Blank » How Do We Open The Door For Success As Writers? By Shipping.

On The Subject Of The “Strong Female Character” « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Stop Writing | Transformational Editor

What is the Emotional Investment in Your Stories? | The Write Practice

The Other Side of the Story: Three Questions to Get to the Heart of Your Story

The Writers Alley: Backing Up Backstory

Avoid Reader Confusion | Mystery Writing is Murder

The Art Of Asking: For Writers And Storytellers « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Anne R. Allen's Blog: 5 Ways “Difficult” Women Can Energize Your Writing and Make Your Fiction Memorable

Revision & Editing Tips

Writability: Three Important Critique Tips

Author, Jody Hedlund: The Unnecessary Shame Writers Feel When Getting Feedback

Writability: Editing: How Do You Know When You’re Finished?

How to cut a novel (and enjoy it) | Nail Your Novel

Author Platform Tips

Writer Unboxed » Twitter: My 5 Unshakable Beliefs

What Facebook's New Feed Will Mean For Authors | Author Media

Writability: Social Media: Is it Worth the Time?

Become Friends with Donald Trump or Build Your Own Platform | Goins, Writer

When You’re Not You on Facebook | Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

How to Get Your Photo in Google Results and Why Google+ Worries Me

3 Ways to Build Meaningful Connections to Move Your Writing Career Forward | The Creative Penn

Book Marketing Tips

The author’s guide to SMART marketing: Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely | Novel Publicity

"I Wasted $8000 On Kirkus Review Advertising." An Indie Author's Story. | Successful Self-Publishing

When Visibility Doesn’t Lead To Book Sales | David Gaughran

8 Book Marketing Tasks To Tackle BEFORE Your Book Is Published — Self Publishing Team

Book Promotion Advice from Popular Indie Fantasy Author Joseph Lallo | Lindsay Buroker

The Bookshelf Muse: Book Signings That WOW

Paid Book Marketing: Should Authors Bother? • Ryan Casey

Why You Need A Hashtag For Your Next Book | Author Media

DOGGONE FEET! Making a Book Trailer | Fiction Notes

Book Promotion — What’s Working at Amazon in 2013? | Lindsay Buroker

Publishing News & Tips

AAP Criticizes Amazon’s Bid for .Book Domain Name « GalleyCat

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: Indie Business Talk - Tracking Sales

Ella Distribution Goes Beta | Dean Wesley Smith

Overcoming Challenges To Write And Publish A Book With Win Charles | The Creative Penn

Ebook Boxed Set Tips and How Tos | Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

5 Top Legal Issues for Authors and Self-Publishers by Sara Hawkins — The Book Designer

Calling Your Manuscript Finished (For Now) - Rachelle Gardner

How bad reviews can help make you a better writer AND a stronger person | ALLIE B BOOKS

Every Writer Needs a Cartel | The Write Practice

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: Indie Business Talk - Exploiting Rights

How To Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Self-Publishing | Catherine, Caffeinated

Publishing Tip: Avoid Random House Hydra Imprint | Dean Wesley Smith

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: Indie Business Talk - Hiring Your Team

DRM: A Petition To Unlock E-Books « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Free eBook Formatting & Marketing Guides for Writers | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

Should Writers Query Publishers or Self-Publish? | Mystery Writing is Murder

How To Record, Produce And Distribute Audiobooks With J. Daniel Sawyer | The Creative Penn

Former Indie Author Jamie McGuire Penalized For Self-publishing? | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

YA INDIE: Don't Sleep On the New Adult Genre Rising

25 Things Writers Should Beware « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Bullies, Bitches and Backstabbers: Avoiding the dark side of Self Publishing | ALLIE B BOOKS

Editors and designers and distribution, oh my! A step-by-step guide to self-publishing your book | Novel Publicity

Writer Unboxed » Querying? Think Outside the Box to Get Noticed

What Role Should Libraries Have in an Electronic World? | Nathan Bransford, Author

Writers And Misinformation, Or: “How Did You Publish?” « terribleminds: chuck wendig

2012 eBook Cover Design Winners, A Request + Gold Stars — The Book Designer

Author Rights and Responsibilities - Rachelle Gardner

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: Indie Business Talk - Setting Up

QueryTracker Blog: Cora Carmack and Her (Smokin' Hot) Path to Publication