Friday Features #46

Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Features! Time for your weekly dose of the best tips for writers. Hope you enjoy and share! 

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Self Publishing? Excel Is Your Friend - Nelson Literary Agency

Writer Unboxed » Comic: A Good Hook

Simplifying Won't Kill You (& It Might Just Save Your Life) - SHELLI JOHNSON

Writability: Writer's Guilt: Don't Let it Drown You

Author, Jody Hedlund: Bookshelves Talk: What Do Your Bookshelves Say About YOU?

Enemies of the Art Part 8–Being a Starter Not a Finisher | Kristen Lamb's Blog

Books make a difference in kids' lives [infographic] | Ebook Friendly

A Room of My Own: Signed Book Auction!

Want a More Productive Week? Clean Your Darn Desk! : @ProBlogger

An Open Letter To The Shoplifter Caught Stealing My Book | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Writing the Military: 5 Biggest Mistakes

Episode 10: Write More Books - LiveHacked

Eyes Glaze Over? Never! | J.M. Ney-Grimm

The Jennifer (Author) Diaries: How Long Should a Chapter Be?

The Bookshelf Muse: Physical Attributes: Shoulders

The Protagonist: How to Center Your Story | The Write Practice

Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors: How to Dig for Your Best Story Idea

Giving Too Much Away | Mystery Writing is Murder

It happens to the best of us: How to break through the writer’s wall of doom | Novel Publicity

A Plot Problem Is A Character Problem | Moody Writing

4 Motivational Tactics For Putting Words On The Page |Procrastinating Writers

How Twitter Can Help Your Writing | The Write Practice

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: The Million Dollar Idea

350 Words | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

Write What You Love | Sara Flower Writes

Writability: First Pages: The Most Important 250 Words in Your WIP

The Other Side of the Story: Guest Author Charity Bradford: Three Tips on Handling Writing Pressures

Never Confuse These Words Again - Rachelle Gardner

Story Writing 101 | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

How to Avoid the MacGuffin Trap and Create a Unique Plot | The Write Practice

Immerse the Reader in Your World & Never Let Them Up for Air | Kristen Lamb's Blog

The Other Side of the Story: Why Character Arcs (and Growth) Make Readers Care

QueryTracker Blog: The Heroic Journey of Every Writer: Part One

A Character Needs A MacGuffin | Moody Writing

The Butler Did It? | Mystery Writing is Murder

Dealing with seasons in Science Fiction and Fantasy | Must Use Bigger Elephants

Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors: Structuring Your Story’s Scenes, Pt. 12: Frequently Asked Questions

Revision & Editing Tips

How To Karate Your Novel And Edit That Motherf**ker Hard: A No-Foolin’ Fix-That-S**t Editing Plan To Finish The Godd**n Job « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Anne R. Allen's Blog: Self-Editing 101—13 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Opening Chapter

Author Platform Tips

What Writers Need to Know About Goodreads « GalleyCat

MediaShift . Who Really Owns Your Photos in Social Media? (Updated 2013 Edition) | PBS

Bob Baker's Book Promotion & Marketing Blog: Your Facebook Author Page: 5 Simple Ways to Get More LIKES

Twitter Basics–The Proper Care and Feeding of Hashtags | Kristen Lamb's Blog

What the heck do I blog about? Blogging ideas for fiction authors who feel stuck in a rut30 Day Books | 30 Day Books

How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress 3.5 | Author Media

How to Get a Terrific Professional Headshot - Rachelle Gardner

How To Use Goodreads…as a Reader | The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

Turn your e-mail signature into a book marketing machine | Build Book Buzz

Ten Steps to Blogging Success | Mystery Writing is Murder

Seven Ways Writers Can Build Online Authority with Google+ | Copyblogger

What's the Best Way for Authors to Use Twitter? - The Savvy Book Marketer

7 Ways to Look Good on Your Webcam - Rachelle Gardner

3 Reasons for Writers to Have a Blog ... and 3 Reasons Not To | The Creative Penn

Indie Authors: 50 Ways To Reach Your Reader. #8: QR Codes | Successful Self-Publishing

LibraryThing and Goodreads: Meeting Readers, Book Giveaways and Finding Reviewers | Mystery Writing is Murder

Book Marketing Tips

Blog Post: What's Going On with Readers Today? Goodreads Finds Out

Conversation Triggers – The Secret Ingredient of a Rock Star Marketing Strategy « The Official BookBuzzr Blog

Breaking into the Top 100 — Just Barely « Michael Montoure's "Bloodletters"

How to hold a fab Book Launch on the Cheap | Aishah Macgill

The eBook Author's Corner: Indie eBook Marketing: When You Get to the Fork in the Road, You Must Take It.

The Recipe for Indie Success: Advice from 4 Successful Authors — Self Publishing Team

Booking Your Own Virtual Book Tour - BookBaby Blog

Quick Q&A with Duolit, The Self-Publishing Team30 Day Books | 30 Day Books

Publishing News & Tips

Don't Quit Your Day Job - Traditional Publishing by the Numbers - Amazing Stories

Half of Amazon Book Sales are Planned Purchases - Forbes

Sorry, the short story boom is bogus -

Writer Beware ® Blogs!: Second-Class Contracts? Deal Terms at Random House's Hydra Imprint

The Scribblers Cove: How Do I Cover Thee?

Word Magic: Articles & Tips for Authors: Best Book Awards for Indie Authors

Top 4 writing contests for your book

eBooks, eReaders, and Maps

How to hire an illustrator for your novel – Part 1: The Setup — Ken E Baker

Six Probable Outcomes From Amazon's Used Digital Sales Patent

Technology & Selling Books | Marketing Christian Books

Fact: women are more successful self-published authors | Belinda Williams

What To Watch When Compiling A Kindle eBook in Scrivener | Michael J Holley - Writer

Predicting the Future of Indie Publishing | India Drummond

What Has Changed About the Writing Community Since the 1990s? | Jane Friedman

What Works for Indie Epublished Authors? Write the Next Book…and the Next…and the One After That… | The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

The Importance Of Keywords For MetaData And The Discoverability Of Your Book | The Creative Penn

Sometimes You Fail. And it Sucks. - Rachelle Gardner

The Top 5 Reasons Traditional Authors Are Going Indie | Wise Ink

Independent eBook Authors Can Now Sell on Scribd | The BookBaby Blog

C. Hope Clark: The Birth of a Cover

Second-Class Contracts? Deal Terms at Random House's Hydra Imprint | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

Five Ways To Spot A Writing Contest Scam | Writing Forward

Adding Photos and Creating PDFs in Microsoft Word — The Book Designer

Not Every Writer Wants To Be A Publisher « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Carey Heywood...: My Publishing Experience | Carey Heywood...

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Doom! Destruction! Not...

eBooks Account for 22% of US Book Market - BookBaby Blog

Finding Literary Agents To Query: A Writer’s Guide To Agent Stalking | Teens Can Write, Too!

Your Top 7 Book Design Templates Questions Answered — The Book Designer

Will Books Lose Out in a Tablet World? | Nathan Bransford, Author

Writer Unboxed » Query Letter FAQs (Part II): 10 More Questions Answered