Friday Features #42

 Time for your weekly dose of best links for writers! Hope you enjoy and share!

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

Making Progress On Your Work-In-Progress: 8 Easy Ways to Finish Your Manuscript - GroggSpot

QueryTracker Blog: Is Your Writing a Hobby or a Business?

Author, Jody Hedlund: 10 Ways to Foster a Love of Reading

10 Reasons You Should Be A Writer-preneur | InkyBites

Health Care for Writers | Fiction Notes

Enemies of the Art Part 5–Fatigue « Kristen Lamb's Blog

Anne R. Allen's Blog: DANGER: Writer at work...Where do Bestselling Authors Create their Masterpieces?

Author, Jody Hedlund: If I Could Do Things Over:What I'd Change & What I Wouldn't

A Different Tapestry: The Kobo Arc « Speaking to the Eyes

 Writing Tips & Inspiration

Writing Classes: Are They Worth the Investment? | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

Writing to Change the World Just Because We Can | The Write Practice

Finding Bliss: Six Questions with Rebecca Berto

Time Saving Tip When Writing Series | Mystery Writing is Murder

Why You Should Try Writing in Second Person | The Write Practice

The Bookshelf Muse: Show-Don't-Tell: The Basics

Writability: Don’t Worry About Other Writers Stealing Your Ideas

A Stranger Year | Hugh Howey

Stuck or blocked? How to keep writing anyway « Nail Your Novel

Wordplay: Structuring Your Story’s Scenes, Pt. 8: Options for Reactions in a Sequel

Writer Unboxed » How to Change Telling into Showing

Weaving Our Real Life Experiences into Our Stories | Mystery Writing is Murder

3 Reasons Writers Read Books | The Write Practice

I Don’t Know Writing, But I Know What I Like… | Hugh Howey

C. Hope Clark: What Might Have Been

Sympathetic Characters Part 6: Unfairness | Moody Writing

On Writing Unforgettable Secondary Characters – With Ianto Jones « EM Castellan

Indies Forward: Anxiety & Overcoming Life's Obstacles • Ryan Casey

Writing Tips: Abolish the Adverbs : Writing Forward

Seven Keys to Book Architecture | The Creative Penn

6 Steps to Successfully Launching a Dream | Goins, Writer

Enemies of the Art Part 3—F.E.A.R. « Kristen Lamb's Blog

Writer Unboxed » On Writing Without Expectation

Yes, Virginia, You Can Be A Paid Writer, Too « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Creating Real, Strong Girls in Today’s Teen Fiction | Successful Self-Publishing

Sympathetic Characters Part 5: Betrayal | Moody Writing

Bring your fiction to life by understanding the characters: An editor’s how-to guide | Novel Publicity

Revision & Editing Tips

The Other Side of the Story: Three Ways to Add Tension During Revisions

WG2E Guest Lexi Ryan on “Five Rules for Choosing and Using Beta Readers” | The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

ROW80 Check-In 3: On the importance of being a good beta-reader or critique partner « EM Castellan

Lessons From Oleander–Beware of Premature Editing « Kristen Lamb's Blog

Author Platform Tips

January Blog Post Replay: “Do I really need an author website?” Some thoughts.30 Day Books | 30 Day Books

How to Avoid Bullet-Hard Emails | Men with Pens

How to Copy from Microsoft Word into WordPress | Author Media

6 Ways to Stand Out at a Writer's Conference | The BookBaby Blog

QueryTracker Blog: The Case Against Blogging

Book Marketing Tips

10 Amazing Low-Cost Ways To Market Your Book |

More Thoughts on Free | Mystery Writing is Murder

7 Simple Tips to Help You Promote Your Book on Twitter | The BookBaby Blog

Wonders of Bookbub « laurenwaters

January Blog Post Replay: Book marketing for shy authors30 Day Books | 30 Day Books

A + B = You (The Secret Equation Every Author Needs to Know) — Self Publishing Team

How to Promote Your Books on Pinterest | Lindsay Buroker

How Not To Ask For Blurbs « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Mentor Texts: Market Your Book to Teachers | Fiction Notes

What Should Authors Do Between Promotion Cycles? - BookBaby Blog

Publishing News & Tips

Amazon Children's Publishing Names Two New Imprints

Considering Self-Publishing? Don't Bother, Unless You Follow Guy Kawasaki's Advice - Forbes

7 Things joining KDP Select Can and Can’t do for you | M. Louisa Locke

Find your 2012 royalties from CreateSpace, Kindle, 3 others

5 Great Reasons Writers Should Use a Pen Name (AKA Pseudonym)

Writing Contests--Always Read the Fine Print | See Brian Write

Think Like a Publisher 2013: Chapter 3: Projected Income | Dean Wesley Smith

Do You Have An Unanswered Question About Self-Publishing? « Catherine, Caffeinated

Infographic: The Future of Libraries | Publetariat

A Revelation in Reading: the Kobo Arc Experience « Speaking to the Eyes

So You Want to Read Your Reviews… | Mystery Writing is Murder

What’s the Difference Between Book Wholesalers and Distributors? - The Savvy Book Marketer

Susan Kaye Quinn’s Self-Pub Basics (Part Three of Four): Formatting, The Hard Way | The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

Writability: How to Survive the Waiting Game

How EBook Readers Shop And The Importance Of Sampling | The Creative Penn

Writability: Why Enter Pitch Contests?

How to Qualify for PayPal's Mass Payment Feature - Blogging with Amy

Trust Your Cover Artist | India Drummond

Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing: Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds | Jane Friedman

The Other Side of the Story: A Q&A With Nelson Literary Agency's Anita Mumm

The Bookshelf Muse: Success: Is It Happening To You, Only You Don't Realize It?

Susan Kaye Quinn’s Self-Pub Basics (Part Four of Four): Formatting, The iTunes Way | The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

How To Publish A Book 101 | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

Getting Started With Microsoft Word Styles for Book Layout — The Book Designer

How to Be a Writer Who Thinks Like a Publisher | Wise Ink

Who reads ebooks? [infographic] | Ebook Friendly

Barnes & Noble Plans to Close a Third of Its Stores | Nathan Bransford, Author