Friday Features #41

Welcome to this edition of Friday Features :) I apologize for the huge delay. My daughter's first birthday was over the weekend, and my life was utter chaos as we got everything ready and then recovered. Then I got sick...Not a great week so far, but I'm ready to enjoy this weekend! Who's with me? :) Anyway, hope you enjoy and share!

Fun Stuff and Productivity Tips

Introducing Tread-puter. Writing books while walking on a treadmill desk! YA INDIE

The Shocking Truth About Multi-Tasking | Finding Bliss

The Importance of Numbering Your Days: Robert D. Smith Interview | Goins, Writer

How I Easily Doubled My Daily Word Count | India Drummond

Writing Residency Programs: Is this what your writing needs now? | Write It Sideways

How your personality type affects your writing | The Writers Alley

Overcoming Procrastination | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

How to Accept Your Procrastination (And Still Get Stuff Done) | Procrastinating Writers

7 Ways to Speed Up Your Writing } Wordplay

50 Essential Science Fiction Books | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

Writing Tips and Inspiration

FN 001: Shrunken Manuscript - 6 Ways to See Your Manuscript | Fiction Notes

5 Tips to Create a Page-Turning Plot | Mystery Writing is Murder

8 simple tips for improving your writing | Novel Publicity

3 Ways to Change Your Thinking Today - Rachelle Gardner

Aspiring Authors: Stop Calling Yourselves 'Aspiring Authors' • Ryan Casey

The Other Side of the Story: How Do You Teach Writer's Instinct?

Writability: Writing Discussion: Where Do Your Novel Ideas Begin?

How to write what you don’t know – research tips for writers « Nail Your Novel

Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors: Structuring Your Story's Scenes, Pt. 7: The Three Building Blocks of the Sequel

Writer Unboxed » 3 Ways to Compress Your Story Like Les Misérables

ROW80 Check-In 2 – Starting a Novel from Scratch by Toni Kerr « EM Castellan

C. Hope Clark: It's Not Just About the Story

The Bookshelf Muse: Physical Attribute Thesaurus: Eyebrows

Writability: Romance in Writing: Don’t Force It

What Are You Waiting For? | The Write Practice

The Bookshelf Muse: Physical Attributes Entry: Lips

Sympathetic Characters Part 4: Outcasts | Moody Writing

The Other Side of the Story: How Much Do You Understand About Your Writing Process?

Pay Attention | The Write Practice

10 Steps to Finding Your Writing Voice | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

QueryTracker Blog: Researching Your Novel: Dos and Don'ts

Writability: Character Development: Morals & Ideology

Characters Who Surprise Us | Mystery Writing is Murder

Seth's Blog: On behalf of yes

Writer Unboxed » Can Acting As If You’re a Writer Make You a Writer?

Revision and Editing Tips

Typos. They Happen. | The Write Practice

Author Platform Tips

How—and Why—to Make Your Blog Print-friendly : @ProBlogger

Anne R. Allen's Blog: 5 Blogging Rules Authors Can Ignore…and 5 You Can’t

How to Create an Endless Stream of Blog Post Ideas | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

Blogging for Authors and How You Can Help — The Book Designer

5 Great Author Interview Practices | The BookBaby Blog

We Grow Media – Dan Blank » Seth Godin on Kickstarter and the Value of an Author Platform

Google+ Communities Create New Networks for Authors and Publishers — The Book Designer

Attending Conventions and Conferences as an Independent Author | Lindsay Buroker

Blogging for Writers | Mystery Writing is Murder

Speak Now: Earning Money From Self-Publishing By Talking About It « Catherine, Caffeinated

Maximizing Facebook–What We Can Learn From Puppy Dog Eyes and LOL Cats « Kristen Lamb's Blog

Writer Unboxed » Should Writers “JUST” Write?

12 Secrets of Excellent Blogs | Author Media

Book Marketing Tips

Author, Jody Hedlund: The Power of a Reader's Word of Mouth

January Blog Post Replay: What Makes a Good Book Trailer? Some Key Elements to know about30 Day Books | 30 Day Books

How to Discover Your Book's Brand | Wise Ink

Don’t Lose Your New Year Momentum! 5 Ways to Keep Up Marketing Motivation — Self Publishing Team

January Blog Post Replay: 11 ways to make the most of your book signing30 Day Books | 30 Day Books

Publishing News and Tips

WG2E Guest C. C. MacKenzie on “iTunes Anyone?” The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

Self-Publishing Success Stories: The Anatomy of a Kindle Bestseller | The Creative Penn

QueryTracker Blog: How Much Can You Really Tell From a Query?

Two Year Self-Publishing Anniversary–Thoughts on the Past and What’s Going to Work in the Future | Lindsay Buroker

Pulling the Curtain Back from the Stigma of Self-Publishing :Writing Forward

25 Hard Truths About Writing And Publishing « terribleminds: chuck wendig - Sock Puppeting 2.0 | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

Emily Wenstrom and wordhaus: The Writer as Publisher

Before Publishing Your First Novel, Ask Yourself These 4 Questions | The BookBaby Blog

Creating Your Literary Ecosystem: The 10 Elements of a Successful Writing Career - BookBaby Blog

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: True, Not True: Debunking Some Indie Publishing Myths

Getting Your Book’s Goodreads Reviews on Kobo | The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

8 Ways to Help Your Favorite Author* - Rachelle Gardner

Think Like a Publisher 2013: Chapter One: The Early Decisions | Dean Wesley Smith

Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author: The New Hybrid Author?

Think Like a Publisher 2013: Chapter Two: Expected Costs | Dean Wesley Smith

Why You Should Judge a Book By Its Cover by Nick Thacker — The Book Designer

KDP Select: Is It Still Worth It? Thoughts for 2013 • Ryan Casey

A Great Post By John Scalzi About Money | Dean Wesley Smith

eBook Sales for September |

Writer Unboxed » ‘Social’ Media: If the Agents Queried You

Ruth Harris Report #13: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ebook Formatting But Were Afraid To Ask (Part Three) | The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

Writing, Illustrating And Marketing Books For Kids With Katie Davis | The Creative Penn