Friday Features #40

Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Features! Tons of great stuff to sift through. If you read one thing in this post, read the second tip in the Publishing News & Tips section on how to format an ebook in ten minutes! Hope you enjoy and share! 

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

This Might Not Work: A Conversation with Seth Godin about Art | Goins, Writer

Productivity Tip: Create a Can't-Be-Interrupted Box for Kids - Blogging with Amy

How to Write Faster and Get Organized with Scrivener | Write to Done

Personal Finance Tips For Writers: An Interview With Krissy Brady « Courage 2 Create

Are We Turning Into A Culture of Picky Readers? | Author, Jody Hedlund

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Physical Attributes Entry: Skin | The Bookshelf Muse

Writer's Block: Why it's a Dangerous Lie • Ryan Casey

Why Your Book Does Not Suck « Teens Can Write, Too!

5 Quick Tips For Better Dialogue In Fiction | The Creative Penn

How to find the right title for your book – a brainstorming workshop « Nail Your Novel

Foreshadowing & Chekhov’s Gun–Don’t Blow It « Kristen Lamb's Blog

Write What You Know? | Writability

You Need Stakeholders in Your Writing Life | Jane Friedman

Sympathetic Characters Part 1: Danger | Moody Writing

My Favorite Writing Advice ~ Inspiration Has To Find You Working - SHELLI JOHNSON

Structuring Your Scenes, Pt. 6: Variations on the Scene | Wordplay

The Number One Mistake New Writers Make | Anne R. Allen's Blog

Your Tragedy | QueryTracker Blog: Writing

Writers who Hoard | Writer Unboxed

The Best and Only Writing Advice You’ll Ever Need | Wise Ink

The National Emerging Writer Programme - a Great New Free Resource for Writers | Publetariat: For People Who Publish!

Four Ways to Pre-Write Your Scenes | The Other Side of the Story

Titles that Tell the Truth | The Writers Alley

Give Yourself A Creative Retreat | Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author

How to Rewrite Old WIPs Like a Pro | Writability

Writing Tips from an Idiot | Goins, Writer

Just Do It | The Writers Alley

Pinning Him Down–Pinterest and Character Development « Speaking to the Eyes

How to Create a New Word | Writability

Are You a Stickler for Good Grammar? | Writing Forward

Better Plotting: 7 Ways Your Characters Can Screw up Their Decisions | The Other Side of the Story

The 140-Character Twitter Novel | Wise Ink

Six Inspiring Writing Quotes to Boost Your Creativity [Guest Post] — Aliventures

How To Get To The Root of Your Procrastination | Procrastinating Writers

The Hierarchy of Clarity } Storyfix

Sympathetic Characters Part 2: Suffering | Moody Writing

Plot vs Story | Writer Unboxed

Revision & Editing Tips

The First Draft Run Through Blues… « Dreaming of Other Realms

Over-Editing: Does it Exist? | Writability

Author Platform Tips

Top 10 Things One Writer Learned About Social Media Marketing | Mystery Writing is Murder

Want to Be a Successful Author? Burn Your Ships « Kristen Lamb's Blog

Use Email Without Feeling Like SPAM from Author Matthew Turner | Wise Ink

The Best Way to Build an Author Website - The Savvy Book Marketer

The BIG Question: What Should Fiction Writers Blog About? | Author, Jody Hedlund

Pinterest: A Worthy Writer’s Tool? « Speaking to the Eyes

Google Plus is a Social Backplane Service | Chris Brogan

12 Lessons Learned from Building a 10,000 Subscriber Blog | Wake Up Cloud

How Not to Mess Up Guest Posting on Your Dream Blog | Men with Pens

Resolve to Tweet Better in 2013 | Writer Unboxed

January Blog Re-play: 14 items to Include in Your Author Media Kit (& why you NEED one)30 Day Books | 30 Day Books

3 Simple Ways To Engage On Your Author Facebook Page | Author Media

Book Marketing Tips

5 Tips for Writing and Marketing Young Adult / Teen Books | The Creative Penn

Are You Targeting The Wrong Readers? 7 Tips To Fix The Problem | Write to Done

Twitter Increased My Print Sales by 1000% in 1 Month | Author Media

What if you couldn’t promote your own book? (please read) — Self Publishing Team

Get the world talking about your book with this surprisingly helpful GoodReads feature | Novel Publicity

5 ways to promote your self-published novel without annoying your followers | Novel Publicity

9 Tips for Writing Effective Web Copy | Author Media

How to Engage Your Reader — A Guest Post by Matthew Turner | Storyfix

Publishing News & Tips

Why Writers Need to Think of Writing and Publication as Completely Separate Endeavors - BookBaby Blog

How to Publish Your eBook from Word to Kindle in under Ten Minutes by Ed Ditto — The Book Designer

Considerations When Choosing Our Author Name | Mystery Writing is Murder

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award « laurenwaters

Design a Book Cover for Less than $50 | Writer Unboxed

Decoding Query Rejections | Rachelle Gardner

7 Things Joining KDP Select Can And Can't Do For You | Publetariat: For People Who Publish!

Writing an Outline | Writer Unboxed

Matthew Turner: Using A Short Story To Rock My Novel | The Bookshelf Muse

Want Agents to Read Your Novel? Do This First | Write It Sideways

How the Amazon Kindle Serials Program Works (with Roberto Calas) | Lindsay Buroker

How To Publish A Book 101 | The Creative Penn

Legit vs. Non-Legit Agents | Nathan Bransford, Author

How Writers Can Benefit from a Negative Book Review

25 Things Every Indie Author Should Know | Publetariat: For People Who Publish!

Sell Your Book on eSentral - BookBaby Blog

e-Book Cover Design Awards, December 2012 — The Book Designer

Susan Kaye Quinn’s Self-Pub Basics (Part Two of Four): Formatting, The Easy Way | The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

Susan Kaye Quinn’s Self-Pub Basics (Part One of Four): Where to Publish | The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

Indie Authors ALLi Watchdog Warning: Archway Publishing | Successful Self-Publishing

What do tradpubs do…and can you do it? | The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing