Friday Features #39

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Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips

5 Surprises About Self Publishing | Rachelle Gardner

A Day in the Life | A Room of My Own

Reading For Pleasure? Who Has the Time for That Anymore? | Author, Jody Hedlund

Indie Life - Self-Imposed Deadlines | Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author

My Writing Resolutions for 2013 | The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

Done Is Better Than Perfect | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

How to Create a Weekly Schedule Using Google Calendar - Blogging with Amy

10 Ways for an ADD Writer to be OOH! SHINY!…Productive « Kristen Lamb's Blog

Finding the Time To Write | YA INDIE

Evernote is the love of my life: 5 tips for using the best writing app ever created | Novel Publicity

Set Reachable Goals by Establishing Boundaries | Write It Sideways

Writing Goals for 2013 | The Write Practice

7 No-Pressure Techniques To Keep The Pressure On Your Writing | kristin nador writes anywhere

More Time to Write in 2013 | Mystery Writing is Murder

Comic: Writers’ Resolutions | Writer Unboxed

Writing Tips & Inspiration

When You Don’t Have a Cabin or a Dog but Are Still Called to Write | Goins, Writer

The Best Writing Book I’ve Ever Read | The Write Practice

4 Ways a Storyteller Learned to Write | Wordplay

New Adult Addiction | Finding Bliss

How Many Licks, um Books, Does It Take to Get to the Top of the Best-Seller List? « Kristen Lamb's Blog

The Art of Ideas: How To Overcome Writer’s Block | Procrastinating Writers

9 Tips for Writing a Really Good “Shitty First Draft” |Writer Unboxed

Do You Want to Grow? | The Write Practice

5 Ways Dystopian Fiction May Surprise You | Writer Unboxed

Guest Author Matthew W. Quinn: Things I’ve Learned about Writing Research | The Other Side of the Story

Come On and Fail Already! | Transformational Editor

What to Do When Your Creative Writing Hits a Brick Wall :Writing Forward

Don’t Feed Your Discontent | Rachelle Gardner

Historically Authentic Sexism in Fantasy. Let’s Unpack That. | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

Writing Tip #3–Talent is Cheaper than Table Salt « Kristen Lamb's Blog

The Cure to Resistance in Writing | Writability

13 New Year's Resolutions for Writers | Goins, Writer

13 Reasons to Keep Writing in 2013 | Author, Jody Hedlund

100 Common-Sense Ways to Write Better :Writing Forward

The Finishing Touches | Writer Unboxed

Can A Man Really Write Romance? | The Creative Penn

7 Big Issues I’ve Come Across Writing My Debut Novel | Publish Your Own Ebooks

Flash What? A Quick Look at Flash Fiction | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

How to strengthen a story idea « Nail Your Novel

Structuring Your Story’s Scenes, Pt. 5: Options for Disasters in a Scene | Wordplay

Physical Attribute Entry: Fingernails | The Bookshelf Muse

Revision & Editing Tips

When Should You Stop Revising? | The Other Side of the Story

How to Use Your Kindle to Self Edit Your Self-Published Book: Guest post from Matthew Turner | 30 Day Books

Fifty Shades of Editing | QueryTracker Blog

Note to Self – Useful Editing Notes « Dreaming of Other Realms

Author Platform Tips

4 Steps to Better Blogging Time Management - Blogging with Amy

How to Build an Author Platform in 10 Hours a Week | The BookBaby Blog

What Makes a Strong Author's Visit—a Teacher's Perspective | The Bookshelf Muse

15 Common Twitter Questions | Author Media

Claim Google Authorship for Your WordPress Website in 3 Easy Steps | Copyblogger

How to Think of Blog Post Ideas | Writability

Solving a First-World Blogging Problem | Writer Unboxed

Blog Design for ROI Rule #6: KISS Headers, Navigation, and Sidebars : @ProBlogger

Why You Need a Seriously Fast Website | Copyblogger

Divide and Conquer: Building an Author Platform by Proxy | The Creative Penn

Book Marketing Tips

8 tips for talking about your book | Build Book Buzz

A Powerful Book Deserves Powerful Videos - The Savvy Book Marketer

5 Reasons It’s Hard to Market Indie Fiction and What to Do About It by Rachelle Ayala — The Book Designer

More on Promo and Approaching Promo in 2013 | Mystery Writing is Murder

Parenting book author shares lessons learned about book publicity (Part 1) | Build Book Buzz

Websites, Mistakes, and Origin Stories with Laura Pepper Wu [Interview] — Self Publishing Team

Making Your Launch Day Count [Guest Post] — Self Publishing Team

50 Ways To Reach Your Reader #6: Newsletters & Mailing Lists | Successful Self-Publishing

5 Things Bad Radio Guests Do (And 7 Ways to Rock on Radio) | Jane Friedman

Don’t Make Your Book Launch Like a Trip to the Dentist | Writer Unboxed

Publishing News & Tips

Agent Secrets–Do Writers Need an Agent in the New Publishing Paradigm? « Kristen Lamb's Blog

The New World of Publishing: Counting Numbers | Dean Wesley Smith

E-books: Why Self-Publishing Will Be Preferred by Readers | Wise Ink

What Are Blurbs? Do I Need Them For My Book? | My Name Is Not Bob

Understanding Your Agent | Rachelle Gardner

So You've Got an Agent... Now What? | The Writers Alley

Screen resolutions of Apple devices [infographic] | Ebook Friendly

State Of Self-Publishing And 5 Things To Get Sorted For 2013 | The Creative Penn

Penguin Random House Merger Begins A New Chapter For Publishing | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

Publishing with Createspace | Finding Bliss

Self-Publishing Costs: What is the Price of Publishing? • Ryan Casey

Reviews – What About Those Stars? | Publetariat: For People Who Publish! |

4 New Tools for E-Book Authors in 2013 | Wise Ink

Operation Full Distribution « Catherine, Caffeinated

Commodity Publishing, Self-Publishing and The Future of Fiction

2013 For Book Lovers | Moody Writing

When Success Blows By and Doesn't Stop for You | C. Hope Clark

The Facts vs. The Story You Tell Yourself | Rachelle Gardner

Online Book Reviews: Games People Play | Anne R. Allen's Blog